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New York/BlogHer Day One!

What a fabulous day, and the conference hasn’t even started yet!!  First, there was a bit of a crisis as earlier this week I got VERY sick with Strep Throat.  I went to the Doctor who made me all better with a shot of some drugs, and a prescription for some Penicillin.  So I woke up this morning a brand new woman and ready to take on New York City! 

My wonderful sister, Super Healthy Kids, drove me to the airport.  Thank you Amy!  Next I hopped on a couple planes and before long I was flying into Laguardia Airport.  Even though we were supposed to have all electronic devices turned off at the time, I was able to snap this awesome picture of New York City!   

After I landed I was able to find my AWESOME roomates Cute Culture Chick, Momma D and Da Boyz, and Twinfatuation.  We went to our room and got ready to par-tay.  We headed over to a party that was about 15 blocks away.  I quickly learned how to walk like a New Yorker.  The party was pretty fun, and we got a HUGE bag of “swag”.  I ran into a bunch of people I’ve met at various brand events, and other folks I’ve met at other conferences, and just around the net.  It was a lot of fun.  Then I went back to the room and Nicole (Cute Culture Chick) and I walked around and found some Pizza to eat.  We came back and I went to another party that was at the hotel. 

 After the party my roomate, Jennifer (Momma D), was super hungry, so I tried to find the Pizza place that Nicole and I went to earlier, but I couldn’t find it again.  So then we looked for ANY food, and we couldn’t find it… so then she decided to bite the bullet and grab a hot dog from a street vendor.  She got the hot dog and as we were walking away I froze a little bit, and got a strange look on my face.  Jennifer thought I was witnessing a robbery of some sort by the stunned/shocked look on my face.  When I finally “came to” I told her that I thought I saw the Cash Cab guy.  She turned to look and said yeah, I think that is the Cash Cab guy.  I mentioned how much I love the show, and she said that I should go get my picture taken with him.  So I walked over and asked him to take a picture.  He graciously accepted.  Jennifer then commented to him that she didn’t know that he was so tall.  He was super funny and said “I did”.  I was super excited the whole rest of the night, because I got to meet the Cash Cab guy.  Seriously one of my favorite game shows!!!  I watch it like every day.  So yes, he is very tall, which you would not really know from the show, since he’s driving the whole time. 

Now my roomies and I are hanging out in the room doing various forms of tweeting, blogging, chatting and basically having a fantastic time.  We are going to have a super fun weekend.  I just know it!  New York City… I love you already!  Now go watch an episode of Cash Cab!

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