New Netflix Series Project MC2

There is a new show released this month on Netflix called Project MC2.  I put it on for my 9 year old daughter to watch, and she absolutely loved it.

The show is about a group of four girls who become friends and go on secret missions using science to help save the day!  Check out the trailer…

When I saw the trailer I was so excited to put it on for my daughter, who’s other Netflix favorites include SciGirls and the always classic Bill Nye the Science Guy.  I sat and watched the first episode with her, and was so impressed with the premise, the format, and the plots.  I love how it really stands out from some of those horrible live action Disney and Nick shows (that I HATE… of course except for Girl Meets World, also available on Netflix, what can I say… the day Corey and Topanga got back together was a super happy day for me during my college years)

What I love even more is that Danica McKellar (aka Winnie Cooper and Math Genius) is their NOV8 (in-o-vate) liaison who gives them their missions.  The theme of the show is that Smart is the New Cool, and I can 100% get behind that.

Even better is that they have a great set of merchandise as well!  Each doll in the series comes with it’s own science experiment for you to do at home! While my daughter isn’t into dolls, and we swore off Barbie, these are the dolls I’d be buying her friends for birthday parties, for SURE.

The website is also great at helping you get into the action as well, sending your child on missions of their own to complete.  Definitely go check it out (and maybe some of those other shows I mentioned.) you will NOT regret letting your kids watch this one.

Disclaimer: I am a member of Netflix’ Stream Team.  I was given a one year subscription to Netflix for my thoughts throughout the year.  This is besides the fact that I have been a paying member of Netflix since 2003.

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