New Minecraft AR Game Is Coming Soon!

If you liked Pokemon Go and Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, you are going to LOVE this game coming soon from Minecraft!

A while ago Minecraft announced a brand new AR (Augmented Reality) game coming to mobile devices called Minecraft Earth. The game is an amazing mix of the Minecraft game and other AR games like Pokemon Go! and Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. Now you can sign up to be notified as soon as it rolls out, which is rumored to start happening this month!

What is AR?

Augmented Reality allows you to interact with digital objects in the real world through your phone’s screen. For example, your phone will display a new object for you to collect (a Pokemon or a supply), but the background will appear like you are just looking through a window (your phone) to the real world. The screen will show your regular living room, but there will be a new digital item you can see that you are able to interact with.

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The game will allow you to collect bricks and other supplies in the real world (much like Pokemon would show up around your house and on the street) and then will allow you to use those supplies to build and create right in the real world.

Here’s a video teaser

You can build your own projects or collaborate with friends to build something massive in the real world. You can even work on something at a smaller scale and then blow it up to step inside your creations.

I have a feeling this is going to be just as popular, if not MORE popular, than Pokemon Go! With Pokemon Go! You were limited to collecting and battling for the most part. With this, the more you collect the better your creations can become.

AR games bring people together

When Pokemon Go! became popular there were SO many people outside again! It was fun to see families out and about collecting new Pokemon, and huge groups of strangers out playing together. Now that the huge popularity of Pokemon Go has died down, I can see Minecraft Earth stepping in to fill that void.

I will mention that Pokemon Go had the advantage of launching during the Summer when more people would be outside. If Minecraft Earth can push through the Winter and still be holding the public interest, it could even surpass the popularity of Pokemon Go!

I am hopeful the general population will embrace this in a similar manner, and it will give families a new great activity to do together. I am honestly SO excited for it to be released, and my 10 year old literally can not wait! I can’t imagine what kind of AR games they will come up with next!

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