New digital camera for kids – the Disney AppClix

Remember when Fisher Price came out with a tough digital camera for kids a few years ago? I thought it was so cool, but wished there was something on the market for kids a little bit older. Well, Sakar has just developed a brand new camera for kids called the AppClix.

The AppClix comes in several different Disney character themes (Mickey Mouse included), and boasts a 7 megapixel camera, 1.5 inch LCD display, and a microSD card for storage. Let’s also give a shout out for the rechargeable battery! I can’t stand it when camera’s need double AA’s.

The price is about $60 for the camera. It has a flash, and a great kid friendly menu for scrolling, deleting, and changes scene selections.

Ready for the coolest part of this camera? It has a built in connector that pops down so you can plug the camera into your iPad or iPad 2. Seriously! The first of it’s kind, you just plug the camera in to your iPad, and download the free Disney Pix app. Open the app and your ready to download your favorite pictures, edit photos, create unique pages, and e-mail them to friends an family.

Here’s some of the creations my kids made with the Disney Pix app and the AppClix camera:

The thing I love about this camera is that my three year old can use it, but my eleven year old thinks it a lot of fun to take pictures with too. It’s very kid friendly and takes pretty good photos.

The only change I would like to see with this camera is a Macro feature. Kids are notorious for taking pictures up close. I have more photos that  I can count of my daughters toes, and my son loves taking pictures of his lego minifigures. Besides that, we absolutely love this camera and plan to use it often. In fact, I just might have to go pick up a second as my kids are constantly begging for a turn!

The Disney AppClix camera is made by Sakar, and can be purchased at your local Wal-Mart store, or online at B&H here.

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