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I recently found out about a brand new device hitting the market very soon.  It’s called PYUR and it’s promising to be the best (or smartest) web filter available.  Obviously, I haven’t been able to check out any of the claims, as the devices aren’t shipping yet, but I can tell you, I seriously can’t wait to check it out.  Since I’m an IT Queen I had a TON of questions for the folks at PYUR, so that I could understand exactly what their claims are and how they would work in a real world situation.  I was definitely pleased with all the technical nitty gritty that I won’t get into here.

The device plugs in between your internet modem (or where the internet comes into the house) and your wireless router.  This means it can cover all of the devices in your home.  Likely I will use this in conjunction with my current OpenDNS account (which also protects all devices in the home).  Unlike OpenDNS though, the internet traffic won’t be going to an external filter to make sure the sites you are visiting are within the parameters you have set.  The device itself will learn your habits and improve the filtering as it gets used.

So, having a hardware device concerned me as I asked PYUR what would prevent someone from just unplugging it when you were away.  Lucky for us, they thought of that too.  While, of course, it can’t slap their hand away, BUT it will notify you on your phone that the device was disconnected!  WOOT!  You better believe those kids are going to be in trouble when you get home.

Speaking of phone notifications, you can get screenshots and real time notifications of exactly what is going on in your network.  There are also companion apps you can install on your child’s devices so that the filters work even when they aren’t at home!  I really love this feature.  I know that my network is locked down like Fort Knox, but who knows what is going on at a neighbors house!  The only bummer here is that the companion apps aren’t available for gaming devices like the DS.  The filtering will work on a DS inside the home network, but the remote features will not work.

It also promises to be super easy to set up.  You just plug the device into your network and you are good to start monitoring right away!  I’ll definitely give a full review when it finally ships, but you definitely want to get in on the action now.  When you pre-order your device you will save 55% on the device!  So go check it out and pre-order one!

Disclaimer: I have not been paid or compensated in any way for this post.  I just found it and started asking them questions.


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