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You’ve heard the saying, “She went broke on good deals”?  Just me?  This next post could be dangerous for people like that.  Not that I would know anything about that.  Since we are talking about shopping all week, what roundup would be complete without discussing deals of the day!  There are several websites now that offer STEEP discounts.  The trick is that they only offer the discount on ONE item every day, and only until they sell out of that item.  You need to stay on top of a site like this in order to get in on the best deals.

Woot! – First up we have the end all, be all, in daily deal sites.  There are a ton of different categories to choose from, and they have been around for a while, so you know that companies are going to hit them up to offer great deals on their products.

Steals Network – If you are looking for adorable baby items, scrapbook stuff, or just more kid geared items, this is definitely a place you’ll want to check daily.  Just like the name suggests, you will surely find some steals!

Zulily – At 6 AM, Pacific, they launch several new items that will be on sale for either a day or for the next 72 hours.  Again, as with most of these deal sites, items are limited to stock on hand, and they will not do a backorder.  So, the closer to launch time you get there, the more likely you are to find something great.  This site has a lot of trendy clothing and toys for women and kids.

Amazon – Who could forget our #1 go to shopping resource?  Amazon literally has everything (except for that time it didn’t have a Galaxy S5 Sport case and I had to go to the Sprint store to buy it).  Of course Amazon would have amazing deals, and what you may not know is that it has deals of the day too!  Check out their Daily Deals page for all of their lightning deals and other highlighted discounts.  For sure check out the site on Black Friday, because they really know how to do Black Friday!

A couple others you may want to check out are 1sale, and Tanga.

So, now that you know where all the deals are located, what is the easiest way to visit them daily?

I’m a chrome user myself, and this extension… Daily Links will open up the sites you specify when you click the button.  So with one click, all of your deal sites will pop right up.

Or in Chrome you can do the “poor mans” method of

First: Open bookmarks bar by Ctrl+Shift+B

Second: Right Click on the bookmark bar and select new folder.  Name it whatever you want like “Daily Deals”

Third: Open some of your deal sites and then right click the bookmark bar and select “add page”, then make sure to place it in the appropriate “Daily Deals” folder.

Fourth: Now whenever you want to open them up, right click on that folder and select open links.

In Firefox it’s even better using the add-on called Morning Coffee.  Same theory as the Chrome extension, but much more customized.

So, go forth and save, but please, don’t go broke on good deals.  😀


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