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Netflix is Winning with Marvel Lineup


Netflix has seriously knocked it out of the park with several of it’s original programming options.  Marvel has been hit and miss lately, depending on who is at the helm.  (I mean… did ANYONE watch Fantastic Four in the theater?).  Lucky for us, Netflix is one of those that are seriously KILLING it with the shows it’s released and has available to watch so far in the Marvel universe, and the future certainly looks bright for the shows that are coming up.

First up, I highly recommend catching up with Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.  I’ll admit that I was super excited for this show when it came out.  I religiously watched the first few episodes, and left feeling underwhelmed.  Recently some friends told me I should plow through those first 5 episodes because then it starts getting REALLY good.  So I did, and I was SO glad!  Cause it’s gotten REALLY good.  There are currently 2 seasons available to stream, with new episodes of the 3rd season currently airing on local broadcasting.

Next up you HAVE to watch Daredevil.  It is SOOOO good.  There is a violence warning on the show though, so you may need to close your eyes at a few parts if that sort of thing makes you squeemish.  I know I did.  For those unfamiliar with the premise of this superhero, Daredevil is a blind attorney… who can kick some serious trash.


THIS WEEK we get a brand new series that I’m super excited to check out.  Jessica Jones will be available to stream on Friday (Nov. 20th).  I’ve been looking for a new show to stream during my treadmill runs, and I can’t wait till Friday so I can run to this one.

Coming up is 3 more original shows from the Marvel universe!  Luke Cage is about an ex-criminal looking to clean up the streets on his terms.  Iron Fist follows a martial arts expert.  All of the above will come together under a series set up for epic Marvel awesomeness called The Defenders.

If what they did with Daredevil is any indication on how well these shows will be made, we are in for an extremely satisfying year in the Marvel universe.  I can’t wait till Friday!  Will you be checking out Jessica Jones too??

Due to the success of Daredevil, they are currently filming the second season now, so expect that due out in 2016 too!  It’s a great time to be a superhero in the Marvel universe (unless of course you are one of the Fantastic Four)!

Disclaimer: As a member of Netflix’s Stream Team I am not compensated for my posts, but I did receive a free year of Netflix for my participation in the program.  Never mind that I’ve been paying for a Netflix subscription on my own since 2002.


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