National Reading Month

National Reading Month
National Reading Month

It’s March! I know, newsflash, we’re already a week into the month, but there’s still time to participate. March is National Reading Month, so now is the time to start reading with your kids 20 minutes per day if you aren’t already in the habit. There is a boatload of research on this subject and the benefits are plenty.

  • Reading is one of the most complex activities your brain can do, so it literally strengthens your brain muscles
  • When you read to your child it improves their listening skills…which is awesome
  • The biggest factor in a child’s ability to learn to read is early experiences of being read aloud to
  • Reading skills improve performance in school
  • It’s fun! Your child gets 20 minutes of your attention and they love it

*I gleaned these facts from K12Reader

And if those reasons aren’t enough to get you to carve out those 20 golden minutes a day, LeapFrog is doing a program this month and will donate 20 LeapReader books to Kristi Yamaguchi’s Always Dream Foundation, for every pledge they receive to read 20 minutes a day for 20 days. These donations will go to kids in underserved schools.

All you have to do is pledge to read 20 minutes a day with your child for 20 days here, and LeapFrog will donate 20 books on your behalf.

So do it peeps. Improve your child’s brain, life, and your relationship with them and get a donation on your behalf for your troubles. Everyone wins!


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