Name Tag and a Laptop Bag

My husband and I are getting ready to head out of town for the holidays with our four children.

In order for all us to fit in our minivan I have to remind everyone to pack the bare essentials.

Here’s is what electronic devices made the cut:

Three iphones, one ipod touch, one mac book pro, a netbook, an ipod shuffle, an ipad, an ipod nano, and a Dell laptop.

(See Sarah, we don’t entirely use Apple products!)  **From Sarah “oh PHEW!  I guess we CAN still be friends!!”**

Every single tech toy we bring has to have it’s own case or bag.

Has to!

My kids treat my car like a sticky shoe movie theater.

The only problem is, none or our cases are labeled. So, before you head out for the holidays, pack those devices well, and don’t forget to label them!

First, I’m going to give you a little peak at how were are packing our newest electronic device… the MacBook Pro. Next, I will show you a great way to make your own tags t0 label them with.

My husband just got this laptop through his work. Though they provided the computer, it was up to him to make sure it made it back and forth safely.

One of my favorite companies for laptop sleeves and cases is Built. I love Built for two reasons: really well made products, and a very easy website to navigate. They don’t just make cases for Apple products either. You just select whatever device you have, and they show you the awesome products that are made for it. You name it E-readers, tablets, smartphones, cameras, and I swear they have a bag that would fit every laptop known to man. All I had to do was select 15″ MacBook Pro, and the site showed me exactly what I neeeded.

We decided to go with two bags. The first being the neoprene Messenger Bag in slate gray.

It fits the MacBook like a glove. Fabulous stitching, durable fabric, and the thick neoprene fabric offers the perfect protection against bumps and bruises.

My husband loves that it fits his laptop, an ipad, a sketchbook, and there are still three more pockets fore papers, pens, and other work related items.

The second case we choose was the 520 Sleeve.

These cases are made just for specific sizes of laptops. No slipping or sliding around in the bag, just a perfect fit. This case is great for when my husband is carrying his computer around the office.

Want to know my favorite part? The 15 ” sleeve fits inside the messenger bag. Perfect!

Alright, now that you know what we like to dress our devices in, here is a great way YOU can label them so they don’t get lost on the road.

First,  you will need a 2.5 x 5 inch piece of masonite **From Sarah, “for those that are craft impaired like myself… what is this masonite??”**. If you don’t have a way to cut it down to size, pick up a pre-cut piece of wood at a craft store.

You will also need paper. I am using some school lined paper, but scrapbook paper would work great too.

Next cut your paper just slightly smaller than you wood.

You will need Mod Podge to glue the paper down, but you can also use diluted Elmer’s glue if you don’t have Mod Podge on hand.

Who doesn’t have Mod Podge on hand??? **From Sarah…. sheepishly raising hand….**

It’s shocking how many people don’t use this fabulous stuff.

I like to tint my Mod Podge with a little acrylic paint to give it a vintage brown look. You don’t have to, just go with your preference.

I’m also using this old school labeler. If you don’t have one on hand you can always use a color or ink jet printer.

The trick to Mod Podge is to put a thin later on the wood, and a thin layer on the back of the paper. Then another think layer on top.

Once dry you can throw a keychain ring on them, and they are ready to go!

Here’s a look at both the labeled address, and one I printed from my lazer printer.

The Mod Podge keeps them nicely protected from water, and they give a great personal look to your tech bags.

Now of course my husband probably doesn’t want to be contacted by a bunch of cool tech moms, so I changed the personal info, but you get the idea.

I will give out his phone number so you can text him on his birthday. He would love that. 🙂

A very special thank you to Built who hooked me up with these amazing bags to try out. Don’t forget to enter our Holiday giveaway to win the Ultra Compact Camera Case as well!

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