MySpace is Back?!? MySpace Gets a Redesign

One thing is for sure, I NEVER… and I mean NEVER thought I’d ever be writing a post about MySpace!  Yet… here I am… posting about MySpace.  In a video released today MySpace teased it’s new redesigned site.  I mean RE-DESIGNED.  This is definitely not the same sparkly beast that it has been in the past.  Nary an animated gif to be seen.  So, the question becomes, is it too late for MySpace to make a comeback?

We have Pinterest, and Twitter, and Facebook, and Google+, and Instagram, and the list goes on and on and on.  Is there really room in our lives to adopt a new social media outlet?

What is interesting will be WHO will adopt it.  We all know that the majority of women are obsessed with Pinterest.  Google+ is where the geeks hang out.  Facebook is where your Mom is (and really just about everyone else you know), but where are the KIDS?  If you look at trends from the youth these days (sampling done by my own nieces and nephews).  They really aren’t on Facebook that much.  My nieces spend the majority of their social efforts on Instagram.  So MySpace appears to be hyper visual like Pinterest and Instagram.  It has the music aspect that it was always pretty good at from the beginning, much like Spotify, it’s seeming to be poised to take a key demographic in the Junior High and High School kids arena.  Instagram is so limited for what the kids today probably want to do with it.  I can see them instantly adopting MySpace given a few key features.

So what features do I think that MySpace needs to have to be on top of the social media game once more?

1. Killer Mobile App – If you are going to compete in today’s social media game, your mobile app needs to have all the bells and whistles from the start.  To compete with Instagram your photo sharing should have filters (and to best them I’d put some additional features like collages and text overlays to add to your picts before you share them within the service.  The photo sharing would also need tagging and resharing capabilities.  To compete on the Spotify front you are going to have to have some fantastic playlist streaming on your mobile app.  I should be able to create a playlist on MySpace and listen to it on my phone (to get away with licensing from artists, this may need to be a paid add on, but I think people would pay for it).

2. Easy Share Button – Just like Pinterest, you would need to be able to add some bookmarking to your page.  If you are visiting a blog and find a recipe you like, you click the browser button to bookmark it to MySpace.  Then you can browse through your friends bookmarks easily.

3. Trending – There should be a section to see the most popular content throughout the entire service.  Regardless of whether I’m following the people or not.  This shouldn’t be my default newsfeed, but I should be able to find it easily (sort of like reddit where I can see what’s being talked about the most).

4. Hashtags – To compete on the Twitter front, a way to categorize your updates so I can see everyone’s photos, videos, updates, etc about a certain topic.

I made a listing of what Google Wave would need to truly compete with Facebook, mentioning that if there was no way for brands to be involved it was going to be DOA.  I actually don’t feel this way about the redesign of MySpace.  I’m not sure that it needs brand interact quite yet.  It needs to get it’s feet wet before letting the companies in, I feel.

So what do you think about the new MySpace redesign?  Will you check it out?

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