My Favorite Digital/Physical Journal, Rocketbook

The best digital bullet journal is a hybrid! Take handwritten notes and easily digitize and then erase them! Find out how!

I tried to get into bullet journaling. I really really did. Scoured the internet for bullet journal ideas, I pinned like crazy, but I realized one thing. I do not have an artistic bone in my body. I’m more of a digital bullet journal kind of girl.

The other problem that I had with Bullet Journals was I kept wanting to get it set up PERFECTLY right. I guess that’s part of the curse of having a left brain. I couldn’t figure out where to put my sections. Mainly because I didn’t know how much I would end up putting in each section. It was all kinda a mess.

That is until I found my perfect solution. This post is in no way, shape, or form sponsored. I paid for all of my Rocketbook materials myself. I just want to make that perfectly clear.

digital bullet journal

Here’s what I love about using my Rocketbook to create my own version of a digital bullet journal (especially for a person who has no ability to make something “cute” if her life depended on it).

It’s Erasable

My absolute most favorite part of my Rocketbook is how easy it is to erase. I am always looking for ways things could be better, and so my bullet journal is never really perfect. I want to lay it out a certain way, then I think of something else I want to add and have to change the whole thing up again.

There are 2 really easy ways to erase in a Rocketbook if you are using the Frixion pens. One pen comes with it, and you can purchase more at any store or on Amazon. You can use the eraser that comes on the pen itself, usually on the cap, and erase a small line or word like a normal pencil, or you can use a damp cloth to erase the entire page or section!

One of the models of the Rocketbook allows you to stick the entire book in the microwave and it will erase ALL OF IT! Just make sure you purchased the microwaveable one. Many people who don’t know about this feature get confused that their regular Rocketbook includes a warning to NOT microwave it.

digital bullet journal

Typically, as I’m writing notes during different events, classes, or meetings I’ll fill up a couple of pages in the appropriate section. Then I can transfer the notes I want to keep into my digital to-do list, or if I want to refer back to the notes later I can transfer the whole page.

Once I have the information I need from the page, I just take a small squirt bottle and the cloth that comes with it and erase the entire section. It is so freeing to be able to take any notes I want knowing that they don’t have to become a permanent record in my bullet journal.

It’s Easy to Digitize

One of my HUGE problems with a standard bullet journal is having to take it with me everywhere I go. With the Rocketbook I’ll take notes in the notebook, and once I’ve filled up a page I use the icon at the bottom of the page to save it to the location I have set.

digital bullet journal

Each little icon represents a different location I have set. I just put an “x” through the one I want. Then when I use the Rocketbook app to snap a picture of the page, it automatically gets uploaded to that location. Some of the different locations I have set include emailing the image to myself, uploading the image to dropbox, adding the image to a OneNote notebook, and more.

The other really great thing is that not only does it save the image to the place I want it saved, it also stores it in the Rockebook app on my phone. If I want to quickly find a note I took a while ago, I can search in the Rocketbook app and it will pull up the correct notes! The app translates the notes so they become searchable. So, if I want to look up again how much Michelle told me my project was going to cost, I just pull up Rocketbook and search Michelle. Viola! The note appears and I can remember what was said quickly.

It’s Super Portable

Since it’s erasable, it doesn’t need to have a ton of pages. Which makes it a really thin light way to always have a notebook on hand. I also got this really cute folio cover to store some color pens, my credit cards, and business cards, etc.

In my purse I keep a tiny Rocketbook for when I don’t have the larger one around. I mean, I do have my Note 10+ that I like to take notes on as well. So I have ended up using that more than the tiny Rocketbook.

Set it up like a bullet journal

The other thing I have done is added tabs so I can separate out my notes into different areas. There is my real job, my blogging work, my public speaking, the in-home tech support, and of course my personal life! I purchased some post-it note stick-on tabs so I can move them where I want. This way I don’t HAVE to choose how long a section will be before I start taking notes!

I can create various bullet journal pages. If it doesn’t work in the location I put it, I can just erase it and put it in the right spot!

I am so glad I found Rocketbook. It really is the best of both worlds between analog and digital note-taking. Definitely go check them out if are looking to get a little more organized in this New Year!

My Favorite Digital/Physical Journal, Rocketbook

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