My Children are Obsessed With this Music Player for Kids

If you don't want your children to have access to a mobile device during the night, but still want them to be able to listen to music, check out this music player for kids. It might just be your answer!

My children love to listen to music. I mostly blame my husband, who is a musician, for this fact. Ever since they were really little they had to go to sleep listening to music. They used to be content with a CD player, softly playing their favorite songs, but now they have grown up a little bit. They would like to use their phone as their music player. However, we have a rule in our house that phones must be turned in at night. So the hunt was on for a music player for kids that didn’t require their smartphone to use.

smart music player for kids

The solution: Jooki the Smart Music Player for Kids!

When I was at CES I came across the Jooki smart music player for kids. As soon as I saw it, I knew this was the answer I have been wanting. The company was kind enough to send me one to review. They also let me know about a forthcoming feature that I was unable to discuss, UNTIL NOW! I’m super excited about this device, and now I get to finally talk about it!

The device itself looks like a normal speaker. The top has a power button, a “next” and “previous” track button, and volume controls. It is bright and soft, which makes it perfect for a kids room. Where this music player for kids really distinguishes itself is the fact that it comes with several soft toys. Each toy can be programmed with its own playlist.

Jooki can connect with Spotify playlists

If you have music downloaded to your device already, you can select songs from the device to add to the Jooki app and create a playlist based on those songs. OR you can connect the app to Spotify and use one of the toys to connect to an already created Spotify playlist. I love using this feature so I don’t have to recreate all of their playlists.

The one thing to be careful about when you connect your Spotify playlist to one of the tokens is that it is still limited by Spotify’s terms of service. Meaning you would need separate Spotify accounts for your different Jooki devices if your children wanted to listen in their own rooms at the same time. The phone is not needed to use the playlist after it has been connected, which is perfect.

Once you have the playlists all configured to their individual tokens, Jooki makes it easy to listen. To change the songs or playlist on their music player, they just switch the toy on top. When your child is ready for a different playlist, they take the toy off the top of the music player and then switch it with the token that is associated with the playlist they want to listen to.

Jooki Build Quality

The music player is charged with a standard Micro USB cable, and also has a headphone jack. The panel at the bottom also includes a slot for a MicroSD card. You are able to add downloaded songs to the player through the card.

Sound quality on the speaker is great, even when streaming. It is not going to blow you away with the sound quality. However, for a music player for kids, it definitely gets the job done appropriately.

As mentioned above, it is also extremely durable. The speaker is splash-proof (but not water-proof, so try not to submerge it in the bath or pool). The battery will last approximately 8 hours of continuous play before it needs to be charged again. We typically just keep it plugged in at night.

Jooki also comes complete with some parental control settings. You can turn the speaker off remotely at any time, and you can also set a maximum volume level to make sure kids aren’t hurting their ears. Soon you will also be able to set a bedtime for Jooki so it will turn off at a certain time. My kids typically listen all night, so we won’t need that feature anyway.

Overall, the Jooki music player for kids has been the perfect solution to my problem. My kids don’t need their phones to listen to music at night, and I can sleep better.

Music Player for Kids

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