My BlogHer Community Keynote

The individual videos for the BlogHer Voices of the Year is now up, so today’s vlog is a better recording of my community keynote speach.  You should definitely check out the rest of my friends’ video’s at the BlogHer website.

I am a mom who can fix your blog, your computer, or your server. I have been in the IT industry supporting small businesses for over 15 years. As a diehard PC and Android user, I can usually be found sparring with Apple fanboys, or watching movies with my family.

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  • I would love to win the JVC Everio HD Camcorder! I have two small children and I would love to be able to get all the good/sad/bad/funny etc moments caught for their life times to see!!! Plus I would love to have my own proof that in one moment of time they did love each other – lol