My 5 Favorite Productivity Apps

Find out what the 5 best productivity apps are, and why I can't live without any of them!


I am a total productivity junkie.  I have systems for systems.  I have plans to make plans.  I love finding awesome apps, but sometimes I can be so stuck in what I like that it’s hard for me to look at a new app and say…yep this is better.  This did just happen to me recently though, so I’m super excited to share that new discovery!  So, here it is… my list of the 5 productivity apps that I use CONSTANTLY


TickTick – This is the one I have just recently discovered.  I have been using Toodledo for a VERY long time.  I like it, but the mobile app/widget has left a bit to be desired for quite some time.  I saw TickTick in my recommended list in Google Play, and as one to always try out something that strikes my fancy, I installed it.  As I started entering my tasks, I could already tell that this was going to be the right app for me.  I have recurring tasks for cleaning, that have several subtasks.  So “Clean Kitchen” has subtasks of “Mop Floor” “Toss Expired Food” etc.  The way that my old app handled the subtasks wasn’t nearly as good as the way TickTick handles them.  Plus, since I’m a user interface snob… The interface is gorgeous, and the widget allows me to check off my task list right from the widget without opening the program.  Win and double win.


Pocket – Ever see something someone shared on Facebook and someone says “click share to save it to your profile”… when have you ever tried to go back and find one of those articles?  If you have… how difficult was it to find?  I’m betting pretty darn.  What I love about Pocket is that no matter if I’m on my phone/tablet or computer, I can click “save to pocket” and the article I’m reading gets saved to my Pocket account.  So, if it’s an article I want to refer to later for a post I’m going to write, I just save it to my pocket, and then I can forget all about it until I’m ready to read it again.  It’s also helpful for articles I see that I don’t have time to read right now.  I just save it to my Pocket account and then I can read it later (again from any device).  For me, it’s definitely not a permanent storage location for articles I find on the web though.  I use Evernote for that.  Definitely helps free up my Facebook feed, and it doesn’t have to have an image (for Pinterest storage), and frees up my mind to think of oh so many other things.


Google Keep – Now, I just mentioned that I use Evernote, so what do I need Google Keep for, you might ask?  Google Keep is where I keep super quick notes that just need to be jotted down.  These are things that will likely get deleted in the very near future.  So, an order # or a confirmation # for an even that is happening this weekend.  I’m not going to need that number after this weekend, so Google Keep is a perfect place to super quickly jot that note down.  I also wrote out my kids’ school supplies lists from their school in Google Keep, but now that I have TickTick, I’ll be using that for those types of things due to it’s awesome handling of subtasks.  The last thing I use Google Keep for, is long term items.  I don’t like keeping these in the same application that I use for my daily to do list items.  I feel like they just end up getting lost, or my daily list gets lost.  Although, I am thinking of trying to add them to TickTick.  So I keep lists of things like “DVD’s I want to buy” and “Movies I want to see” and “Household projects” (for things I’d love to do around the house.)

So… speaking of note taking… I use Evernote AND OneNote (both for different things), but I’m not going to mention them here because I don’t typically use them on my mobile devices, except for in cases where I need to look up something that I know is in either one.  Promise there will be a full productivity week coming up where I can expound the joys of each (basically though, Evernote for research and kind of like a “bookshelf” and OneNote for projects I’m currently working on).


Google Calendar – I really can’t say much more than… it is my life blood.  I have, no joke, around 17 calendars within my Google Calendar account.  I basically track my entire life with it.


GroceryIQ – And basically since I can’t function without making a checklist out of EVERYTHING, THIS list would not be complete without my favorite shopping list app.  I love the syncing so I can type up my grocery list on my computer and see it on my phone or tablet.   I can also add things to it from my phone via barcode from something that has just run out.

Honorable mention goes out to Mvelopes, but it’s more of a “financial organization” app then necessarily “productivity” so I left it out, but I also use it daily.

Anything you would put on the list that didn’t make the cut?


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