Movies Anywhere Beta Tests Movie Sharing With Screen Pass

As I have mentioned MANY times, I have a vast and expansive movie collection. Not only do I have a huge library of Digital Titles, but I also have a massive collection of discs. We like to have the discs on hand in case there is an internet outage so we can still watch our movies and TV shows.

Having the discs on hand also makes it way easier to allow friends and family to borrow titles from our library. Many of our neighbors and friends appreciate the ability to use me as their own personal Redbox. I am usually happy to oblige since I typically just watch the movie on my digital copy anyway.

On rare occasions, I purchase a movie on digital-only. When I have a movie a friend wants to borrow as a digital copy instead of the physical disc, I feel bad that they can’t borrow it.

Movies Anywhere is now currently beta testing a new feature called Screen Pass. This has been enabled on my account already, and I’m super excited to try it out.

The feature allows you to share 3 titles with someone every month for a limited time. You are only allowed 3 shares per month, and it doesn’t appear that any of my Disney owned properties are eligible for sharing with Screen Pass yet. This means I can’t share any of my Star Wars, Marvel, or Disney Animation movies.

When you select a movie to share with Screen Pass, it will warn you that you only have 3 to use, and then give you a link to share with your friend. When your friend clicks the link, it will ask them to log into Movies Anywhere to redeem the shared copy.

I love that the digital movie license holders are trying to think of great ways for people to share movies with their friends and family without upsetting the whole licensing system. We had a great solution with Ultraviolet, where you could share your library with up to 5 people. Since that system went away, there really hasn’t been a great solution in place for this problem.

Hopefully, they will work out a bit better terms for the Screen Pass. Like, perhaps for every 50 movies you own you get 1 Screen Pass per month. That way people with larger libraries like mine can “rent out” more movies at a time. For now, this appears to be a great beta test! I can’t wait to see where they go from here.

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