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As most of you know, or have at least by now realized, I love Microsoft.  I love Windows 7, I loved Vista, I love Internet Explorer, I’m just a fan of Microsoft, and I’m not going to hide it or apologize for it!  So when I heard there was a brand spanking new search engine created by my favorite people over in Redmond I had to give it a shot!  Here is why you should too…

LOVE the home page!  Yes Google turns their logo into cute and funny things from time to time, but Bing offers you a full page beautiful picture that you can hover over certain parts and get results relevant to the picture!

For example hovering the mouse over this flag bearer’s elbow give an interesting fact about him and allows you to click for more information!

The second thing I super duper love about this search engine is the “Visual Search”.  Let’s face it.  This is Web 2.0!  We are visual! On the right you can see the top 5 most searched for “topics” like Movies in Theaters, 2010 Olympic Athletes, etc.  Then when you click, you are presented with a page of clickable images.  This is so helpful for those times when you see something on TV (like an olympic athlete) you don’t know their name, but you want more information.  Can you type in Google “That guy I saw on TV the other day” and have it get you to the right spot?  With Bing it can sure get you closer! 

The last thing I thought it kinda ruled over Google was the Twitter addtion.  I LOVE twitter, and this is an AWESOME way to search through trending topics!  Click on one of the trending topics and it will take you to a page that has all the recent tweets (that is constantly scrolling with new tweets) AND it will have larger links to the links that are shared in the tweets with that topic!  The links are full size complete with titles (so Bing translates the tiny url and brings it up for you to click and enjoy just the right article about that topic! 

Now I know it’s hard to break the Google habit, but REALLY Bing is worth it.  Just go change your default homepage now… go on!  Happy Searching!

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