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The other day, I told you all about my super productive day with my Intel Tablet.  While I mentioned that I use my tablet while cooking dinner, I forgot to mention that I also use it when planning out our menu for the week!  This is one reason I love the size of the Acer Iconia A1.  It’s perfect for me to tote around while looking up what ingredients I already have in my pantry, and then super easy to use while at the store.  Let me break down my process of meal planning!

First, I use PepperPlate.  It is seriously THE BEST recipe database app!  During the week, if I have some down time, I sometimes browse through blogs and other recipe sites, or even grab one of my cookbooks and add recipes I’d like to try soon to PepperPlate.  Since all of my recipes are in one easy to access location, I can just sit down with the tablet and get to work planning my meals for the week.  It’s easy enough to do, that I can even do it while running on the treadmill or during commercial breaks!

When sitting down with my tablet to plan my meals for the week, I load up PepperPlate and start sorting the recipes by my “dinner” category.  If I feel like a specific type of meal for that day (for example, I mostly do slow cooker meals on Monday’s because that is our busiest day of the week.)  PepperPlate will show me all of the images for each recipe I’ve loaded so I can quickly browse through to see what looks good.  There is another filter for favorites (which is just a quick easy checkmark on the recipe page) for when a particular recipe is a huge hit at my house.  If I’m looking for one of our tried and true recipes, then I’ll hit that filter as well.

Once I’ve found a recipe I decide to make during the week, I open it up.  From the recipe I do 2 things.  First I add it to the meal plan by clicking the menu icon (3 dots at the top right) and selecting “add to planner”.  I can then select the day and time of day I will be cooking that recipe.  Once it’s added to the meal plan, I need to also add the recipe to my shopping list.  I tap the same 3 dots on the top right corner, and this time select “add to shopping list”.

Now that I’ve planned out the entire week of recipes, I’m ready to hit the store!  I open up the shopping list within PepperPlate, and first check my fridge and pantry to see if I already have some of the ingredients.  I check off the items I already have, and off I go to the store.

While I’m at the store, I decide to make my favorite Pumpkin Spice Sugar Cookies.  Luckily PepperPlate is right there on my tablet!  I pull up my recipe and add that to my shopping list as well so I can grab the ingredients for the cookies as well!

As I already showed, when it’s time to cook, I load up PepperPlate once again and start following the recipe.  I am a HUGE stickler for recipes.  If it’s not in the recipe, it’s not going in my dish.  I just don’t know how to substitute!  As you can see, meal planning is a total snap when using a tablet loaded up with my favorite app… PepperPlate!

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