Match Mee App by WeeWorld

WeeWorld is at it again! Match Mee is another fun and family friendly app… and of course it’s free!

If you remember WeeWorld, they are the famous developers that helped users create adorably detailed avatars. Well, some of their cutest (and funkiest!) avatars are now featured in this fun filled matching game of families.

This was an app that entertained many children around me while I played! Everyone in my house wanted a turn, including my four year old who loved trying to match the avatars.

What I especially love about the game is that it is playable for all ages! The game offers bonus points with Gems and Power Ups, but when my seven year old played, she missed most of the bonus points and just focused on matching the WeeMee avatars, and still loved playing. When my teenager started he really got into the bonus points and trying to match as many avatars as he could before his time ran out. I ended up downloading the game on two more devices in our house just so my kids would stop fighting over who’s turn it was!

Besides Gems and PowerUps the game also has Bombs that help assist you in finding the match, and 8 Golden Idols are hidden throughout the game just waiting to be uncovered. I especially loved that the game was timed, so if you are sharing a device it’s easy to take turns.

Another great game feature that WeeMee is always brilliantly infusing in their games… social sharing! Posting scores to Facebook, and viewing leader boards is as easy as a snap.

If you would like to download Match Mee, the app is available for the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch… and did I mention it’s free??? Go HERE to download and learn more.

Keep up the good work WeeWorld! We can’t wait to see what you creative folks come up with next!




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