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Years and years ago we got rid of our home phone service.  There was much hemming and hawing about it.  I was nervous about pulling the plug on it.  Honestly, I haven’t missed it once.  I even would look down on people that still had a home phone number.  “WHAT?  You still have a home phone??  Insanity!”  I would say.  That is, until magicJack sponsored me to check out their magicJackGO device and sent me one to try out.  I hadn’t had an actual home phone for years, so I made my way to Target and purchased a VTech Cordless phone for about $15 bucks (of my own money). I installed it all a couple weeks ago, and now I won’t look back.


It may seem like a step backwards to install a home phone these days, but I’m telling you right now, it’s a step forward.  Here are some examples of why…

My absolute favorite reason we have a home phone now is the accessibility of BOTH my husband and I.  Let me ‘splain.  Prior to adding the home phone, places like our children’s school, or our church, where it doesn’t matter which one of us they get a hold of, as long as they get a hold of SOMEONE at the house would have to try me, and then try my husband, or when they are trying to reach me, they accidentally call him and vice versa.  This is also helpful for when my kids need to give their phone number to a school friend, (since they aren’t old enough to give their cell number out to anyone).  Now here’s why magicJack rocks for this.  You install the magicJackGO app on your phone, and now, when someone calls the home phone it not only rings the actual home phone, but it will ring any of the cell phones that have the app installed.

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Here’s the situation where that’s essential.  My daughter gets sick at school.  The school calls.  I’m otherwise occupied at home, my husband is out at the store, or maybe at work.  When the school calls all 3 phones ring at the same time!  Someone is bound to be able to answer it, whereas if they only had my number, or my husbands number, they would have to keep calling different people until they find someone available.

 TL;DR (which stands for Too Long; Didn’t Read) – We now have one number for the entire household again, that we can all receive on our individual phones/phone numbers.  

Another reason that installing the magicJackGO in my home was a fantastic idea, was that the phone service is absolutely free!  You pay for the device, and if you are like me and no longer have an actual home phone, you shell out 15 bucks at Target for a new cordless phone, and voila… you have phone service!  There is no monthly bill, and you get free voicemail, free call waiting, free call forwarding, free caller ID and free local and long distance calls to the US and Canada!

When I was younger I had a few long distance boyfriends.  What can I say, I was slightly boy crazy.  This was definitely in the days before the cell phone was in everyone’s hands.  I would have to BEG my Mom to let me call these guys, and she’d put me on a timer.  It was horrible!  Plus, I’m sure she was not a fan of the huge bill I’d run up when she wasn’t paying attention!  I got in trouble quite a few times for that.  I can’t even imagine being able to chat with any of these guys without the time limit!  Who knows who I may have ended up marrying instead?  😉  (I’ll keep my husband around though… I kinda like him)

If you do currently have a home phone you are paying monthly for, you can keep your current home phone number, which should definitely be a relief.

TL;DR – Keep your phone number, drop your monthly bill.

This is also a great solution if you want to start a business out of your home, and don’t want people calling your cell phone for business related calls.  Or, if you just like to enter a lot of sweepstakes.  Give them that number, and the various lists they end up selling your information to won’t have your cell phone number.  You will know if THAT phone rings…. it’s either because you won!!  Or it’s just another sales call.

I really am enjoying having a home phone again.  I called a few people, and the sound quality was perfection.  I have my magicJackGO plugged directly into my router, so it has plenty of bandwidth to get the job done.

So, I’m giving away ONE magicJackGO device to a lucky reader.  All you need to do to enter is leave a comment on this post answering the question “Who would be the first person you would call using a new magicJackGO?”  One entry per person, see official rules for details.  Winner will be chosen Monday, Oct. 20th at 9 AM MST


This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of magicJack.

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    • Oh! I forgot to mention the Babysitter part! Seriously, I hated it when my sitters didn’t have their own phone! Not a problem with magicJack!

  • It’s only free the first year, then you pay $20 a year. I wish I had a land line, we’ve never had really good quality on the Magic Jack, and we’ve had one (well, like three…we’ve had to replace ours a couple times) for about 6 years.

  • This is awesome! I have been looking for something like this since my daughter is old enough to leave at home sometimes, but she doesn’t have a cell phone. I would call my in laws because they think we are crazy for never having a land line. (They will never ever ever give theirs up!)

  • This would be great for me. The reason I keep our home phone is for work conference calls, so I would use it for that. Sounds less tinny on a real phone and you don’t have to worry as much about your battery dying. Plus we’ve had the same # for about 25 years so I don’t want to lose touch with old friends and relatives. I didn’t know Magic Jack would let you port your number. I’ll have to look into it.

  • I would call you on your new magicjack number and tell you thanks! Also, maybe I missed it but where does the new number come from? I have been wondering about getting a landline again for all the same reasons and I am totally interested 🙂

  • call my mama, of course. then my sister. love all your ideas for coordinating & organizing with one phone number

  • i Would call my Nana in England, who is just being forced to move into a convalescent (old age) home. They have Free high speed internet there (in Manchester, England) but not a long distance phone package, and this would solve all her problems, as a lot of us live here in Canada, and I currently use Magic Jack Pro for my business, and it is fantastic. This would allow us to call her directly, for free, her to call us directly, for free, and for the other members in the family that do NOT have a magic jack, they rates are outstanding compared to regular long distance rates. This will allow her to stay in touch as often as possible, which, at the age of 94, is the PRIMARY issue, staying in touch constantly, as she lost her husband of 76 years last year, and her only contact will be with us. I absolutely cannot think of a better solution.

    Thank you Magic Jack. Even if We do not win, we will be buying one for her. It will be her “sanity” lifeline, and allow her to feel as if she is still connected to all of us, even though she is now, for this first time since she got married, will actually be alone. Your service will allow her a level of peace and comfort that would not otherwise be attainable! Thank you so VERY much for you cheap and reliable and crystal clear services.

    Jason Wiens