Logitech Performance Mouse MX Review / Giveaway

I absolutely hate being limited to the area of a mouse pad.  I have a glass desk though, so I had to use a mouse pad.  That is until I received the Logitech Performance Mouse MX.  This mouse has Darkfield Laser Tracking, which enables the mouse to track, even on glass surfaces.  Microsoft’s mouses can’t even do that yet!  Not only does it track on my glass desk surface it has tons of other great features!

First the ergonomic design of it makes it very comfortable to use.  There was a time a few years ago that a few of my fingers were twitching.  I found that after I switched to a Logitech mouse, they stopped.  This was because the design of the mouse allowed my hand to be positioned naturally instead of twisting to conform to the mouse.

At first my husband did not like the mouse.  The center scroll wheel in particular.  I on the other hand LOVED this feature, but what we found was that it was easily turned on and off.  They way I like the center scroll wheel is the free flowing scroll.  This means with one little flick of my finger it will scroll itself automatically to the bottom of the page, unless I stop the wheel with my finger.  This feature is incredible for forums, amazon.com pages, wikipedia, and other long web pages.  The button directly underneath the scroll wheel is what will toggle the feature off, and the scroll wheel will track down the page one “click” at a time.

The mouse has a removable, rechargeable battery.  This is great, because a while back my old Logitech mouse stopped holding a charge.  Next time I can just replace the battery instead of the entire mouse.  Recharging is also a piece of cake.  When I first got the mouse I was a bit disappointed, since my old mouse had a docking station that would charge it.  I was disappointed until the first time I had to charge this mouse.  It’s a simple cord that plugs in, which just makes it more like a wired mouse.  You can still use the mouse when it’s charging, and when it’s finished, you just unplug the cord and your back in wireless action!  With my old mouse in it’s little convenient dock, I was unable to use the mouse while it charged.  For the record, I consistently get about a week of extremely heavy use before I have to recharge.

My last favorite button/feature on this mouse is the Windows Selector.  It’s right by the thumb and when I press it, all of my Windows appear on the screen so I can easily select the screen I need to get to.  I remote control computers for work, and there are times when I want to see all the windows on my screen, but don’t want to move my mouse because it will move something on the other person’s screen.  When I use this button it helps me get to exactly where I want to be without disturbing the other computer.  I also like it a bit better then Window’s Alt-Tab when it’s not the last screen I was viewing that I want to return to.

The little USB key that connects the mouse to the computer is called the Logitech Unifying receiver.  This is great especially for laptops and netbooks.  It’s very small and can connect several Logitech devices, such as a keyboard, number pad, or even another mouse, without the use of an additional USB key.

Definitely the best mouse I’ve used, and Logitech was kind enough to give me one, and one to give away to one lucky reader!  Simply leave a comment on this post to be entered.  One entry allowed per person.  All the giveaways in my month of giveaways are ending on December 24th.  Good luck!

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