LittleBits Launches Avengers Inventor Kit

Your kids can make their own Iron Man glove or Thanos' Gauntlet with this new set from littleBits

A few years ago my nephew decided to become Iron Man for Halloween and started creating his very own Iron Man glove. He spent a lot of time engineering his costume, which was complete with an Arc Reactor.

Now kids will have a much easier time than my nephew had creating an Iron Man glove.

littleBits, the company that brought you the ability to create and program R2-D2, has just announced another deal with the entertainment giant, Disney. The Avengers Hero Inventor Kit is a collaboration with Marvel Entertainment, LLC. The new kit allows kids to create and customize high-tech hero gear and a unique Super Hero identity using littleBits electronic blocks.


My kids love to use their creativity to create new projects, especially those that allow them to program their new creation to do things. They have a set from littleBits they love to play with that allows them to program their creation through the littleBits invent app.

Each kit comes with several “bits” kids can use to put together various projects. The bits easily attach to each other magnetically, which makes it incredibly simple to invent new configurations.

The kit will come with everything they need to complete the project or projects on the box, but you can mix and match pieces of various kits to create your own invention. Some of the bits include accelerometers, light sensors, power, buttons and more.

This new Avengers kit will allow kids to build their own high-tech hero gauntlet with wearable tech sensors, in-app block coding, a customizable LED matrix light design, and authentic Marvel Avengers sound effects. It includes nine Bits, seven hero gear parts, and two sticker sheets.

Starting August 24th, you can purchase the Avengers Hero Inventor Kit from Disney Stores,, and directly from the company at for $149.99.

Learn more about the new kit in this video

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