LG’s Latest Products From CES

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LG ALWAYS pulls out all the stops to STUN people at CES.  I always take first timers for CES through the entrance at Central Hall that opens right into the LG “booth”, because to me, that is exactly what you were expecting to see when you came to CES.  You want to be blown away by the latest in technology.


I literally felt like I was looking at glasses-less 3-D TV’s looking at this display.  It. was. amazing.  Since the regular LG booth is so incredibly overwhelming, it was nice to be able to attend a breakfast sponsored by LG to get a closer look at some of the products.  Check out my video of some of my favorites!

Rolly Keyboard

This is the one that I REALLY loved.  The keyboard rolls up into a nice little tube, so it’s super easy to cart around.  I also loved that there are two kickstands at the back of the keyboard so you can prop your phone up.. up to a 10 inch tablet!


LG Gizmo Pal

This device really takes what they released last year, and makes it way more useful.  You can program 3 numbers that can call the device now, and the way it displays and works is so much better than last year’s model.

LG Gizmo Gadget

When your child is ready to graduate to a smarter device, they are ready for the next level of wearable.  This device can accept 10 different phone numbers, and now has the ability to make and receive texts.  There are also a few games and such your child can play, that makes it even more fun.  It can even do fitness tracking!



And who could forget my favorite from last year!  Now, it is completely released and for sale!  I really need this in my life.  It’s a washer that goes inside the pedestal of your regular LG washer!  For those small loads of Active Wear, or stuffed animals that you just don’t want to put in the full load of wash!  You can run it at the same time as the washer, or independently!

Definitely check out my video above for a closer look at all of these items!  I had a great time at breakfast during CES!  Can’t wait to see what LG brings to the table NEXT YEAR!

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