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We live in such a different world than when I grew up.  Biker gangs of kids don’t typically roam the neighborhood anymore, where you could find your kid by tracking down the one house with all the bikes in front.  It’s a little sad, and our kids are missing out on some awesome childhood memories as they figure out their independence.  Kids are getting cell phones at younger and younger ages simply due to the fact that the parent wants to be able to get a hold of their child at any given moment.  They would also like their child to be able to get a hold of them when they are needed.

There are some great devices now, that can allow you to do just that, without giving your child access to a full cell phone.  The LG GizmoPal, available on Verizon, is exactly that.

The device itself is very simple.  It straps onto your child’s wrist and has one button.  The button can allow the child to answer a phone call from you or your spouse, or call you or your spouse, or play funny sounds (which the kids LOVE to do).

Programming the GizmoPal is simple.  You download the GizmoPal app to your Verizon phone, and pair it with the GizmoPal.  You can then configure locations that your child visits often, so when it checks in it can say your child is at School instead of just an address.


If your child is away, and you want to know exactly where they are, you can “find” them through the app.  Calling them through the app is really easy too, and the GizmoPal will only accept calls from one of 2 pre-programmed numbers (likely your’s and  your spouse).  You can also program the GizmoPal to auto answer the call, whenever you call it.  That way you can start talking to them right away without waiting for them to notice it’s ringing (or for them to ignore your call, because they don’t want to come home from their friends house yet!)

Your child can also call you if they ready to be picked up from their friends house very easily… watch how my son does it.

The only complaint my son had about the device, was that they sent us a pink one, and he would have preferred the blue.  Other than that, he had a lot of fun even just calling me from downstairs.

The GizmoPal is currently only available from Verizon with Verizon service.  I was given the GizmoPal and LG 3 to test out the service, but was not compensated in any other way for this review.

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