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I was super excited to give the LG G3 a try when it came the other week.  I have to admit, it took me a bit to find the power button, but once I did, game over!  The power button just happens to be on the back of the device.  Which I found odd, and didn’t think I’d get used to it, but now that I am, when I use my other phone I am constantly touching the camera lens on the back thinking I’m turning it on… fun fact… it doesn’t work.  You can also turn the LG G3 on by tapping twice on the screen itself.  I don’t use that feature as much, I keep forgetting about it, but it’s great when I remember!

2015-02-25 09.41.56

The volume control buttons are also on the back, which actually feels very natural.  It’s almost like holding a remote control when you are turning it up and down.  The back also has a very natural curve to it, so that it feels great when you hold it in your hand.  Not boxy and uncomfortable.  That is also due to the smooth texture of the metal exterior it’s formed with.  I never get any sharp edges poking my fingers and making holding the phone a pain.

The screen is definitely gorgeous, and as an app-a-holic, I have a ton of folders, and I want most of my folders in my dock, so they are accessible from every screen.  Plus I’m a widget-a-holic as well, so I need all my screens for widgets, not folders of apps!  When I was setting up the phone I kept dragging more and more folders down there to see when it would stop letting me add them, and it JUST KEPT GOING!  I was thrilled!  It did finally make me stop at 6 folders of apps in my dock.

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The camera is fast and takes excellent quality low light photos…

2015-02-13 07.44.38


And you know as soon as I bust out a camera, my dog/kid/husband ceases doing the cute thing and gets all up in the camera’s face.  Fast photos are a must.  You can use the shutter button from phone’s screen, or the volume up or down button will also snap the picture.  With those buttons right on the back in the natural place of your fingers, the sneak attack on the kids being cute can work!  It doesn’t even look like you are about to take a picture.  It just looks like you are checking out your phone.

The G3 has a micro SD card slot, so I will never run out of space, pretty much ever.  It also has a removable battery, which is nice if you ever need to tote an extra battery around to swap out for a super quick charge.

The flat user interface really lets Android 4.4 shine, and the screen looks gorgeous.

I’m definitely enjoying this phone!

Check out the video.

I was not compensated in any way by LG for the review, but was sent the G3 to facilitate it.


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