Let’s Draw for the DS Review / Giveaway

Sorry for the tardiness of this post today, I started a new job today!  I’m super excited about it, and think it’s really going to be perfect for me!  Today’s tech pick is the DS game Let’s Draw.  I was browsing around Amazon and this game came up in my suggestions.  It sounded like the perfect game for my little girl, who just loves to draw.  When she was little she would always ask me to draw things for her (a puppy, a house, etc).  I am NOT an artist.  Probably the furthest thing from it.  You know how people are good at some things, and others are good at others?  Computers, check, got tech down.  Art and drawing and crafts…. huh?  I used to always get mad during the week when I would have church activities and the girls would be doing some lame craft and the boys always got to play basketball.  It wasn’t that I was super good at sports or anything, I just didn’t want to have to make a craft.  But I’ve blown completely off course now…

So I contacted the developer to see if they would like to sponsor a giveaway, so that I could try the game out.  They were kind enough to agree.  It came in the mail, and Maddie could not have been more thrilled.  She immediately wanted to play it.  I opened the case for her and she put it in her DS and was off and away.  I didn’t have to tell her ANYTHING.  She was able to pick it up very quickly.

What is great about this game too is the drawings are very simple, and it takes you step by step in how to create the drawing.  It will start with “draw a circle for the face” and then it will draw a circle on the top screen.  You are then supposed to copy the steps on the bottom screen.  After your drawing is completed you have the option to color it.  The fun thing about the coloring part is that the lines for the drawing stay put.  So if I’m coloring brown, it’s just like I’m coloring on a coloring book.  The brown color will not overwrite the black line I have drawn for the picture.

Once the picture is drawn, you can bring it to life by touching it.  The elephant can run, the rocket can blast off and other fun animations.  You can also use your drawings in one of the 10 mini games that are included with the game, such as car racing.

Michael likes to color on it too, but he will color on just about anything if I let him.  What I like about him using this game to color is that the marker or crayon doesn’t end up all over his hands and the chair, and the floor and the….

I definitely recommend this game, and so does Maddie (due to the tardiness of my posting, video will come a little later today).  To enter to win Let’s Draw for Nintendo DS, simply leave a comment on this post!  Good Luck everyone!  Don’t forget to check out the rest of my month of giveaways!

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