Lenovo + Tango = AR Heaven!


While at Lenovo Tech World yesterday in San Francisco, Lenovo unveiled an amazing new device!  I’m seriously so excited about it.  Project Tango, which is an augmented reality platform from Google, is taking our devices to a whole new level.  Lenovo has the world’s first Tango device (Project Tango has officially dropped the word “Project” from it’s branding, and is now just Tango).

Augmented reality is your real world… only “enhanced”.  So, during the demonstration they showed us a couple apps that will be available for the new Phab 2 Pro from Lenovo.  My kids are going to freak out about these!

I may have mentioned before, but my daughter wants to be a Palentologist when she grows up.  There is an app that can bring dinosaurs right into your living room.  You can place all sorts of types of dinosaurs all over the room, and tap on them to get more information about each species.  Watch the video below to see more!

The next app the kids are really going to love is the dominos app (no, not the pizza).  One thing I hate about dominos is the cleanup.  OK, AND the setup.  So I guess I hate everything about dominos except the knocking them over.  With this app you can set up a HUGE dominos display in the matter of minutes, and you don’t have to deal with any of the setup or cleanup.  There is also a demonstration of this in the below video.

Here’s where this device is really going to be SO helpful.  You can use the Phab 2 Pro to measure things in your house, test out flooring and paint, make sure that couch is going to fit in the space you want to put it in.

This is all made possible by the FOUR cameras on board in the Phab 2 Pro.  A 16 MP rear camera, 8 MP in the front, and then the depth camera (to give the camera spacial recognition) and the motion sensor camera.


This is a HUGE “phone” by the way.  Here you can see it next to my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, which is a fairly big phone to begin with.  It looks miniature compared to the Phab!


So, each of us in the audience were able to choose either the newly announced Moto Z (next post will be about that), or this phablet.  After MUCH heart wrenching, and debating with myself, I chose this.  While the Moto Z is pretty awesome, it’s still a standard phone, and THIS is a whole ‘nother level of device.  The augmented reality features alone will be really fun to use as a family, so that is my vote right now.  Can’t wait until September to get mine!!

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