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Keyless Entry Has Ruined Me



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I had to take my husband’s car to the store the other day.  As I was getting back into the car from being in the store I may have mumbled to myself… “ugh I hate this car!”  What could have been so horrible that I had to spew my venom all over my husband’s beloved car?  The doors didn’t unlock automatically when I walked up to the car.  There is a slight possibility I’ve become a little bit spoiled with this car.  Who am I to judge though?

As a woman, and a mom, my keys are often always buried at the bottom of my purse.  As soon as I get out of the car and lock the doors I throw the keys in m purse like I’ll never have to look for them again.  What happens 20 minutes later when I emerge from the store.  The regret of that action as I search under makeup and toys and wipes and you get the picture to find that glorious moment when your fingers touch THE KEYS!  Gone are those days though!  Gone I tell you.  I don’t know how I’m ever going to go back to the old way of cursing myself as I dig through my purse once again.

The Honda Odyssey has a wonderful feature, where I never have to find my keys ever, ever.  I just have to know what general vicinity they are in (usually in the underbelly of my purse).  I know that as long as I have my purse on me, I’m going to be able to unlock and start the car!  I never even have to touch the keys.

When I get out of the car, there is a button on the handle.  I simply press the button and it locks the car (as long as the keys are somewhere on my person, ie… the pit of despair that is my purse).  As I walk back out to the parking lot, again, no worries about where my keys are.  I walk up to the car and pull on the handle, and voila!  The car unlocks for me!  Once I am settled in my seat with my seatbelt on, I push the button to start the car, and vroom vroom (ok, it’s actually a pretty quiet car, and doesn’t make that noise) but just like that, I’m ready to drive away.  It’s really a beautiful thing!

I swear this feature HAD to be invented by a woman.  Guys just don’t have this kind of problem.  Aside from the automatic doors, I think this is my favorite feature of the Honda Odyssey!


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