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T-Mobile just announced this morning that they are doing away with the practice of taking back the data you paid for, but didn’t use that month. Apparently mobile users asked to carry over their unused data forty-thousand times this year on Twitter alone. ‘Bout time somebody did something, I say.

T-Mobile also said the average person buys extra data so they won’t get smacked with overage fees if they accidentally go over–which happens to be a legitimate fear since Americans paid over one and a half billion dollars last year for overage fees–so the average person over compensated by buying more data than they needed and had about of three gigs left over at the end of each month.

So, bottom line, if you are an existing or new T-mobile customer, they will allow you to roll your unused data over for up to a year starting in January. You have to have a qualifying plan with three gigs of data though. Here’s a link to their press release. They also talk about expanding their network, and sweet new data speeds they’ve already put into place in certain cities across the country. Mine is not among them, so I’m not as excited about that part. 

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