Kano to Release a Star Wars Coding Kit

Check out the latest announcement from one of my favorite brands, Kano! Finally, I'll be able to use the Force!

We absolutely adore Kano products in this house. My son literally can not get enough of them. We have several of their kits, most of which we have purchased on our own, some of which we were given to review. So I love to find out when they are ready to release new products!

This week Kano announced the upcoming release of their Star Wars The Force™ Coding Kit! The kit will include a build-it-yourself Bluetooth® connected motion sensor that makes you feel like you are using the Force! It will help you create an experience “that takes you on the journey from learner to master, as you code, create, play, and share endless Star Wars adventures.”

Included in the box will be Kano’s signature step-by-step storybook (which often is my son’s favorite part of the package!). The storybooks are always really fun and engaging, and very educational at the same time. It easily explains complicated technology in ways kids can understand.

The kit also includes a Printed Circuit Board (PCB) which contains sensors and LEDs, Star Wars stickers to decorate your device, a case for the Board with a light ring, top + bottom case, and power button, Interchangeable icons (Rebel Alliance + Galactic Empire), and batteries ARE included.

The app to control your new Kano device can be downloaded from the Windows Store, iTunes or the Kindle store (sorry Android users, looks like you may be out of luck for release day). You will also need a compatible device. Currently announced compatibility includes Windows 10 PCs, Macs, iPads, or a Kindle Fire 10HD with Bluetooth® LE.

Star Wars The Force™ Coding Kit will be available October 4, 2019 for $79.99 USD from Kano.me, and at selected retailers in the U.S., UK, and Canada 

Check out this video on what it will be like!

I honestly can’t wait to get my hands on this one. I may even like it better than the Harry Potter Wand since I love Star Wars WAY more than Harry Potter!

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