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Meet my new Kaboo bag. This one, in particular, is called Riley.  I ADORE my new friend Riley!  Let me give you a little background on me and high end, quality purses.  I’ve never had one.  My last, I don’t know, 30 purses (as in every purse I’ve ever owned in my life) has been straight off the rack at Target type purses.  In fact, I was so clueless about high end purses, that a friend of mine went to the Coach store one day, where she was purchasing a new purse.  She finally selected which one she wanted, told the sales lady, and then left the purse right there on the counter, and walked away!  I said to her…. “Danielle!  You left your purse!”… she proceeded to explain to me that she would be getting a brand new purse, in a box, from the back.  Not a purse that everyone else who has come through the store has touched.  It was then that I realized that there was a was whole world of “grown up” purses, that I never had before entered.  It was also at that time I realized, I wanted a grown up purse too.

Not until years later, and plenty of therapy sessions, I finally have my very own “grown up” purse!  I had been coveting some other grown up purses that many bloggers seem to carry.  They were so pretty!  I could keep stuff that is important to blogging in them!  Then I met Kaboo bags at EVO this summer.  I was officially sold.  Not only are the purses super cute and oh so pretty… they were for TECH!  Not just for the other stuff bloggers carry, like DSLR’s.  They were for all the technology products that I carry (which as you can see in the video is MANY).

I work from home, I blog from home, I take care of my kids from home…. I don’t get out much.  After I got my Kaboo bag, I found myself itching to get out of the house, so I could carry around my super awesome purse.  I’ll even load it up just to go up and down the stairs at some points.

I also had some ideas for them to make the purses even better.  If it becomes a reality, seriously watch out, because these will be THE purses to have for tech savvy women!

I love how many different places I can put things.  I am a sucker for organization, and the fact that each of the things I carry in my purse has a specific “home” is awesome.  I’ve played around with different places to put my phone.  My favorite is the easily accessible side pocket because it’s the fastest way to my phone when it’s ringing.  While I was walking the streets of New York City during BlogHer, I opted for a more secure location in one of the zippered side pockets.  There are so many choices with this bag, that really, whatever feels most comfortable to you, there will be a place for it.

The fabric is thick and fantastic (definitely nothing like the cheap Target purses I’ve been used to.)  The inside lining is funky and super cute, plus feels really nice.  The padding that protects everything inside the purse and the extra padding for the tablet section is really thick and soft.  I would have no problem throwing a device in this purse and not worry about it shattering.  Speaking of which.  I was using a bag that was made for a camera on my trip to Florida this last spring.  I had a phone in the side pocket.  This was not a “for keeps” phone from HTC.  I arrived at my hotel room and pulled out this super awesome phone to show my roommate Trina (Gaming Angel), and the screen was completely shattered.  I had not dropped the purse, I have no idea what happened.  The only thing I can assume is that the laptop and the phone intersected at some point (even though they were in separate pockets.  This scenario would not have happened with this purse.

Needless to say, I’m in love.  I kinda even want to go to sleep at night with it.


Thanks Kaboo for sending me one, and for listening to my plethora of ideas.  All kissy noises and purse worship sessions are my own.  I was not compensated in anyway for this post.

This post may contain affiliate links, which means I receive compensation if you make a purchase using the links.



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