JVC Everio HD Camcorder Review / Giveaway

It’s December, and do I have some Happy Holidays for my readers!  EVERY WEEKDAY from now until Christmas Eve I will be featuring a product AND a giveaway!  All of these products would also make excellent gifts for any member of your family (both the tech savvy and non, since I like to speak to the non-techs among you most often)  Most of the items will be sponsored by a company, but some will be sponsored by me!  I will always let you know which is which.  I never, EVER recommend a product that I don’t believe in.  I have turned down several review opportunities because they either conflict with brands I already believe in, or I don’t believe in the product at all.  All of the giveaways will be open until the 24th of December where I will select the winners!  (Although one of the giveaways will NOT be hosted on my site, but I’ll definitely let you know how to enter.)  So whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Festivus, or you just like free stuff, you are going to love me this holiday season!

First up is the JVC Everio!  The funny thing about this particular product is that I had been trying to win one since about July of this year.  I’ve wanted it so that my vlogs would look much better.  I typically use the built in webcam on my laptop, and wanted to be able to move around and do more with my vlogs, especially for my Organized Mom website, where my videos are more of me cleaning the house.  I was finally able to meet the JVC reps at BlogHer, and was able to get this product to review and one to give away!  This summer JVC did a fantastic campaign with a giveaway every single day on their facebook page.  Make sure you “like” them to be aware of all the great giveaways they do.

When the camera arrived, I immediately wanted to try it out to see if it would take better quality videos than my point and shoot digital camera.  This is a video taken with the JVC Everio of my daughter showing off one of her ornaments.  This is in low light conditions.

I was definitely impressed with the quality.  It has facial recognition built into the camera so a persons face is almost always in focus.  You can turn this off if you are filming other items.  It also has an image stabilizer, which is definitely helpful for shaky hands.  I found the absolute best picture quality though is when you aren’t holding the camera at all, and it is resting on a stable surface.  For shots with the family of various items, though, the image stabilizer will do the trick.

Another feature I was impressed to see was the time lapse recording.  I have ALWAYS wanted to try this, and totally missed my opportunity to really show it off when we had a major snow storm the other day.  It would have been great to capture from grass to covered in white fluffy snow.  I will likely do this next time it snows, and will be sure to post the results.  The particular model I have has 8 GB of internal memory.  It also has an SD card slot to increase your memory capacity.

Uploading the videos to my computer was a snap too.  The Everio MediaBrowser software it really fun and simple to use.  It has a calendar view with thumbnails on each date so you can easily find exactly the video you are looking for.  The software also has simple editing tools so you can easily cut off the part of your video when you walk back over to turn it off.  It also has an upload button on the camera for easy uploading to YouTube so you can share your videos with your friends.

The camera is super small, and is only about double the thickness of my point and shoot, but about the same size height and width.  This makes the camera ultra portable, and easily accessible when those video moments just happen to pop up.  There is also a snapshot button right next to the zoom buttons to not only capture the video, but to easily capture stills without having to find your regular camera too.  I will say though, that the stills on my camera did turn out better than the ones on the JVC Everio, but not by a ton.  I was still happy with the photos.

It’s definitely a fun camcorder to have, and I can’t wait to take it on our upcoming trips, especially when we take the kids to Sea World and Disneyland in 2011!  When my daughter and I went last year, we only had my point and shoot (and sometimes just my phone), so this will help us capture the moments in High Definition (which is really the only way to experience life)

To enter to win the JVC Everio simply leave a comment on this post.  As always, only one entry is allowed per person.  Thank you!

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  • I would love to win this to capture some decent video of my 20 month old! Right how I take video with my digital camera, which, of course, is not the greatest quality.

  • The previous camcorder I owned was a gift to capture the special moments of my first child but that was short lived. The camcorder would not record and would always use all the energy life of the battery within 1 minute. We took it back several times and they could not find a problem and they never replaced it either. We never purchased another one and so far since then I had two more children and nothing recorded. I would love this camcorder so I can capture these moments with them now.

  • I would love to win this! I have a little one who just started rolling over and no video camera to video tape him!

  • I would love a camcorder, Ive never had one. I would love to be able to record my 15 month old son doing new things n my 10 yr old daughter playing soccer and doing things she enjoys. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  • I just had a baby girl 4 months ago & want to capture all her firsts on film! I would be soo happy to win it!

  • What a great way to record memories to share for years to come!!! Good luck everyone!!!

  • This would be a great tool for recording my teens as they are starting their sports games. Volleyball and Basketball definitely need a great, portable camera!!!

  • Thanks for offering such a nice gift giveaway. Found the link thru Freebies4Mom. Will be sure to revisit this site. Such a good site for info on items such as this camcorder. Never have seen one like this. Looks like good quality video, perfect for capturing those unexpected moments!

  • I wish I had it for work so I can use it for speech therapy… to teach the families how to work with their children… Video tape them in the process of working with their child… then have them watch it and see what they could have done different… a teaching tool. that would be AWESOME.

  • My mother who lives in different country at other side of an Earth loves to see our daughter more often but we just can’t afford everything due to very strict budget we have. It would be so nice to have for her to share memories with our daughter by the camcorder without spending our fortune.

  • I love this giveaway! I have never owned a camcorder in my life… sad I know lol. I have two young boys, I’d love to record lots of special moments.

  • I desperately need a video camera!!! I have been looking for one for my 3 kiddos!! (to make videos of them..not for them to play with lol)

  • Looks great, would love to have one to capture my little ones! Almost a year and one to come in June! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  • We’re considering a video camera this sounds like a good choice. And you can’t beat free!

  • We could really use a camcorder. I have a 2 year old daughter and want to catch every memory possi

  • I would absolutely love to have this! It would make this holiday season alot more jolly for my family! 🙂

  • What a great camera! It would be wonderful to have since our current video camera is slowly dying on us! Thanks for the chance with the giveaway! 🙂

  • I would love to win this as I am going to be a Grandma real soon. My daughter and Ganddaughter will be living with us.

  • FYI, but it’s known as the Victor Company of Japan (JVC in English)…
    awesome, awesome camera!

  • I have 3 little boys that do silly things everyday. I would love a video camera to document them.