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I have seen sooo many apps for tracking what you eat and when you exercise so I am really excited to share with you a fabulous new app from the brilliant folks over at Mindbloom. It’s called Juice, and it’s all about tracking your energy. Um… that’s totally brilliant. I seriously love this concept. Instead of ten different apps that make me feel guilty, I finally have an app on my phone that tracks all the important stuff, but then shows me how it all effects my body, and how much energy I will have as a result of it.

The app basically helps you track your daily routine and activities, such as sleep, diet, and exercise. Then the app then calculates it all together and helps you identify and change the behaviors that seem to be zapping all of  your energy. Unlike other health apps that require so much time and effort to use, Juice is incredibly simple to use, and can be completed in under a minute a day. The app even has reminders that help you remember when it’s time to check in!

I especially appreciated that Juice will calculate my  daily input, and then provide me with relevant energy tips and resources to help me improve my day. Though simple to use, the app is profound in its ability to assist my overal health and well being. I also enjoyed that throughout the app I found whimsical, adorable, and inspiring drawings that help convey the message that a healthy lifestyle can be fun!

One of the apps fantastic features is the ability to schedule reminders that provide healthy tips for your lifestyle. Juice also tracks your progress and provides you with weekly reports to remind you what a great job you are doing. The entire app encourages you to prioritize your health, which honestly is something all women need to hear… especially mothers! I really love the idea of an app that encourages a healthy lifestyle in a positive manner!

While trying out Juice I really started thinking about what energy driven people we seem to be. Especially with people thinking that by consuming caffeine and energy drinks they will get even more energy! How wonderful that we can now do it the traditional way by tracking our daily intake to make sure our bodies are producing enough energy on their own. I have really enjoyed this app and look forward to continuing to use it in the future!

Juice is compatable with the iPhone, iTouch, and iPad, and is completely free to download. To learn more about Juice and download it for free, go HERE.

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