Jill-e Camera Bag Review

When my teenager was a baby, there were two kinds of diapers. Expensive diapers that felt like plastic, and generic diapers, which also happened to feel just like wearing plastic.

Now diapers are soft, and feel like fabric, and are much more absorbant, and, and…


It’s just sucks that diapers were so crappy back then compared to diapers today.

Which is exactly how I feel about camera bags.

Where were the stylish cute camera bags thirteen years ago???

I am certainly not complaining. In fact, I love that manufacturers and designers are finally making bags and cases for camera’s that we want to cary around.

On that thought, I introduce Jill-e.

Jill-e has been designing bags for the last five years, and realizes function and fashion can be combined. Their bags are sleek, stylish, and made from quality fabrics.

This is the Everywear Gadget Bag. I love this bag! It  is a stylish, versatile bag in the nougat weather-resistant microfiber finish, with rich real leather trim.

The Everywear Gadget Bag boasts built-in padded lens compartments, and also has a removable protective bag for organizing your tech toys, like your iPad, or tablet.

Now, the protective bag is intended for tech devices, but want to hear why it makes the Everywear Gadget Bag one of my favorites?

It perfectly fits diapers and baby wipes!

As a mom of four, I can’t remember the last time my camera bag didin’t have baby wipes in it.

Maybe one day I will have a camera bag that is baby or toddler free.

But for now, this bag has some awesome pockets in the front for fruit snacks. 🙂

If you would like to learn more about the Everywear Gadget Bag and view other adorable camera bags, you can visit Jill-e here. Jill-e has also graciously offered a 20% discount on the Everywear Gadget Bag for Tech4Mom readers. Wahoo! Just visit their Facebook page HERE, and after clicking on “like” you can leave a comment letting them know Tech4Moms sent you. They will in return send you a coupon for 20% off.


Disclaimer: I was not financially compensated for this post. Jill-e provided me with the camera bag for review purposes. All opinions expressed are my own.

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