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Ever since I was young, I can remember my parents, teachers, and youth leaders encouraging me to write in a journal. To this day, I am grateful for that early encouragement. I have grown to love family history, and journal writing is a very important part of recording your life for your posterity.

The problem is, sitting down to write every single day can be tedious and incredibly hard to make into a habit. I have even tried typing a journal on my computer every day, but it just never seems to stick.

That’s why I am so excited about the new iOS app called Jernel. Jernel is a really fun and easy way to keep a visual journal right from your iPhone, iTouch, or iPad. Instead of writing daily detailed entries in a book, you just simply select graphic tiles or your own personal photos as a way to record events in your life. Brilliant!

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I absoultely love the idea of keeping a journal right on my phone, and for an app that is absolutely free to use and download, Jernel has a lot of great things going for it.

For starters, you can personalize your Jernel by adding a variety of tiles or photos for specific things that happen in your life. Jernel offers a huge variety of images, and uploading your own is a breeze.

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I also love that you can organize your Jernel journal by topic. This makes Jernel easy to  document important happenings like pregnancy, family life, and all the wonderful or even frustrating things that come along with parenting.

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I especially love the social aspect of Jernel. Through the app you can select the option of keeping your entires private, or share all the wonderful moments with you family and friends through Twitter, Facebook, and more. Friends can easily keep up to date with whatever is going on in your life.

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I can’t wait to start using Jernel on a daily basis! It’s such a wonderful application that makes family history so convenient, right from your phone! To learn more about Jernel and download this fabulous free iOS application, go HERE.

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