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Way back 15 years ago, two young kids were getting married, and were basically broke.  I was living with my Grandma, and he was living at home, having just returned from living in Michigan for 2 years on a mission for our church.  Neither of us had furniture, and the week of our wedding our cheap ol’ refrigerator broke, leaving my family to pitch in to buy us a new fridge for a wedding present (the fridge is still going strong! Although it’s not nearly as fancy as some of the other new fridges out there).  What we needed right away was a bed.  Fortunately for us, my husband worked for a furniture moving company.  They let us purchase a mattress and box spring from them where the cost would be deducted from his paycheck until it was paid off.  I’m pretty sure the mattress was only around $400 too, but that was definitely a lot for us back then.  So when I was approached about receiving The Dream Bed™ for a sponsored post, I literally jumped at the chance.

We’ve been sleeping on that old mattress for the last 15 years.  We aren’t spring chickens anymore, and we have been feeling it for quite a while now.  That mattress is kinda killing us, and our backs.


I know it can be pretty scary to purchase a mattress online.  This is something that is not only a pretty hefty investment, it’s something you will use for hopefully at least 8 hours a day EVERY day.  You better like it!  Which makes it that much harder to purchase sight unseen, online.   You can take my (and my husband’s back’s) word for it though, this is one online purchase you aren’t going to regret.  If you still really need to check it out in person before buying it online, you can head into any Mattress Firm store (I live in the sticks, and there is one near me, so I’m sure you can find one) and check it out there!  To really sweeten the deal though, they are offering a 180 night guarantee that you will love the mattress, or you can return it with no questions asked.  However, not only are you going to feel like you are sleeping on a mattress specifically contoured to your body, BUT when you buy a mattress from them they GIVE ONE AWAY to someone in need!  They call it #DreamItForward, and I am 100% behind this!  So far they have given over 105 beds to people in need!

I loved the convenience of the shipping.  I only wish my old mattress would fold up that small so I could haul it away easily!  Still hoping someone will come take our old one away for me!  The box arrived, and although it’s nice and compact… it was still a 100 lb box.


Inside the box was this handy guide to everything included inside


We brought it upstairs and got to work unpacking it.  The mattress unfolded like magic!  Just take a look…

We let it soak in all the air that it needed and couldn’t wait to go to sleep that night!  My husband suffers from some serious back pain.  He’s had at least 2 steroid injections in his back.  My back has been hurting a lot lately too.  I blame most of that on my posture while I work at my computer desk all day, but a really good portion of it has got to come from our really old horrible mattress.

After a few nights sleeping on this mattress, my husband said to me just the other day at the grocery store, that his back is feeling MUCH better!  I haven’t had the major issues that he has had, so I haven’t noticed anything dramatic… I do know that I’m SO much more comfortable at night now.  I only wish I had this mattress when I was pregnant.  Ah that would have been amazingly better!


Don’t mind me… I’ll just be over here dreaming….

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of The Dream Bed™.


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