Is Privacy Dead?

Now that just about everyone has a camera in their pocket at all times, and we have invited smart home assistants into our home, is there any true privacy anymore?

Now that just about everyone has a camera in their pocket at all times, and we have invited smart home assistants into our home, is there any true privacy anymore?

The younger generation is ok with this. They understand that when they search for something online, later their ads will reflect that search. They know that when they are out with their friends, they should expect videos or photos of them to appear online (or at least they know this in the back of their head, it doesn’t stop them from making poor choices since they are teens after all).

My generation has had a bit harder time getting used to this, and continue to try and hold on to the last remaining shreds of privacy. We expect to be shown ads for things we’ve searched for, but we also get upset when we discover that the thing we were just talking about with our friends suddenly shows up on our Facebook feed.

I would have to say that true privacy really is dead. Unless you live completely off the grid, and only interact with others who also live off the grid.

Here in the future, data is collected about you at every turn. It helps Google Maps understand how bad traffic will be on my way home, it helps businesses plan their inventory, and yes, of course, shows you exactly what you want to buy.

This is one reason that VPN apps and private browsers like Duck Duck Go have become so popular. It allows you some privacy, but I’d be willing to say not a ton more.

In order to have the automations we crave and to be able to use technology to get the full benefit, we do have to let go of a little bit of privacy. People should know that when you go out in public there is always a chance you will be recorded. Whether it is from security cameras or just someone else’s cell phone.

I will never understand people who rant and rave at some restaurant or store, knowing that there will likely be people around who will record you and will post it online. Yet, it still happens, and people’s actions in public can get them into big trouble.

For a long time, some people in my house refused to get any smart home speakers. They believed that it was like inviting Skynet into our home. However, I finally got my way when I got them to understand that their phone was already doing the same thing anyway. Unless we all got rid of our phones, it would be no different to have smart speakers in the house as well.

Privacy is a strange thing. If you truly need to keep a conversation private, you will have to turn off all of the devices around you and speak quietly. You can’t go outside, because there are people and security cameras around. Don’t expect anything you do online to be private though. Even with a VPN and a privacy browser, you can still be tracked.

Welcome to the future! I think you’ll love it here, and if you don’t… we’ll know about it!

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