Is Fortnite Coming Back??

Is Fortnite gone for good??

Thousands of people took to social media last night when Season 10 of Fortnite ended by the entire map getting blown into a black hole. Once that happened the ability to play the game was shut down and has not come back online yet.

Many people are freaking out about all the money they have spent on the game, and just the fact that they can’t play! Fortnite has become a favorite past time for many, and losing the ability to play has really thrown some people for a loop, especially those who are bordering on an addiction to the game.

The good news is that yes, Fornite will come back. Epic Games makes entirely too much money on the game to shut it down for good at this point. What is unclear is when will Fortnite come back. Some rumors have the release date for the new season as late as the 24th.

Each Season of Fortnite features a specific gameplay map, and it has been typical to lose access for a brief period of time while the map changes to the new season. The way that Season 10 ended seemed so much more final though and has lasted way longer than typical, which is why people are having panic attacks.

Whether this was planned, or the game is going through some difficulty getting the next season started, the marketing couldn’t be more on point. While the game is still extremely popular, it isn’t quite as widespread as it once was. Getting people talking about the game again on such a massive level is sure to bring some more people back to the game when it goes online.

On the other hand, maybe this will be just enough time to break some kids of their addiction. I can see many parents just telling their kids the game is done and never giving them access again! I know more than one person who might just take this approach!

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  • Yep. Total marketing stunt. Kids including one of my own don’t know what to do with themselves. Lucky for them, it will be back on Tuesday.