MobiFlex Tripod Review

Excuse me for a moment while I throw my professionalism out the window and scream with totally inappropriate excitement…

This tripod is SO COOL!!!!!

Serisouly, this is one of those awesome-sauce ideas where you always say, why didn’t I think of that???

This is the MobiFlex tripod by iStabilizer. Since smart phones don’t have a tripod mount, video and photography from your smart phone has always been limited to bumps and blurs.

The MobiFlex retails for just $30, and will kick up your phone photography a notch with it’s super cool spring loaded holder that fits your phone, including its case or protective bumper.

The MobiFlex was designed for iPhone users, but it also is a perfect fit for Android, Blackberry, Flip cameras, and any standard point and shoot cameras. The awesome thing about the MobiFlex is the brilliantly designed bendable legs. You can use it as a traditional tripod, or bend the legs to keep your camera steady on top of a chair, around a tree trunk, the front of your bicycle, and more!

I was so excited to try out the MobiFlex! As soon as it arrived I took my kids out into the backyard and started filming some video with my phone. I tried out both the iPhone 4, and my Windows 7 phone, and they both fit perfectly. Here’s a quick little video I made. It was a very windy day but the tripod worked flawlessly. I think I just didn’t realize how bumpy my videos were until I saw my phone film video that was so smooth!

Thanks iStablizer for letting me try out the MobiFlex! If you want to learn more about the MobiFlex, or see other awesome products by iStablizer, you can visit their website HERE.

Disclaimer: I was not financially compensated for this post, however I was sent the MobiFlex for review purposes. All opinions, chickens, and adorable little girls are my own. Unless you want a pesky chicken of your own, then we should talk. 🙂


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