Innovation Reigns at Lenovo Tech World


Last week I had the amazing opportunity through my involvement in the Lenovo Insiders program to visit China to attend Lenovo Tech World with 13 other Insiders, courtesy of Lenovo.  To say I had a blast would be a ginormous understatement!

Lenovo Insiders ready for dinner!

Aside from the fact I was in CHINA (outside of the country for the first time in my life!), there was a TON at the event to make me super excited for the future!  I got to learn more about the path that Lenovo paved to make it the force in technology that it is today.  I also got to spend some hands on time with some concept, and upcoming tech that I’m really excited about!

Lenovo has been putting additional functions into its products for some time now.  For example, the first laptop that can become a tablet, among other things with it’s Yoga line, the first tablet with a projector built right in, the first tablet with the most impressive battery life you can find, and so much more.  This is definitely not going to stop as they move forward to the future, as evidenced by the awesome new products they were demoing at the event.

Lenovo Smart Cast Phone

We’ll start out with the phone with a projector built right in (but it’s sooo much more than a projector) I was live broadcasting the event from Periscope, so I didn’t get the video of the announcement, so I’ll let my friend Dan show you how awesome this phone is.

Not only is it amazing how interactive the projected image is, but the fact that it’s coming from your PHONE just blows me away!  We would be fast approaching the days when all you would need to carry is a phone and you can be just as productive as you are sitting at a desk.

Lenovo Magic View Smart Watch

While my favorite was the projector phone, my friend Dan’s favorite was the Smart Watch, so once again I’ll defer to his awesome coverage of it…

It was definitely amazing to experience it, although for me it wasn’t quite ready for prime time.  You have to put your face up very close to the watch to get the big screen, and from that angle I just don’t see it being extremely useful (for the way I use my smart watch).  I would prefer it to project on the wall with an interactive interface like the smart cast integrated into the watch… now THAT would blow me away.

Cortana + ReachIt

Another technology they showed was an awesome integration into Windows 10’s Cortana assistant.  ReachIt is a Lenovo software that can allow you to access files across multiple technologies seamlessly.  With this new integration into Windows 10, you can search files by really obscure methods.  For example, at the show the presenter asked via a voice command for Cortana to find the Power Point presentation he was working on at Starbucks a couple months ago…. and she found it!  Since the computer had GPS location tracking on, the assistant was able to search across OneDrive, Dropbox, etc to find the file that was open during the time the computer was at Starbucks.  AMAZING.

Intel Real Sense

The last piece of technology that really stuck out for me during the event was the Real Sense program from Intel.  Through this program the webcam on the Lenovo products were able to scan your face, and place them inside a character you can then use to play a game.  They added my face to a snow boarder and an awesome Knight of the Round Table.  The other application of this technology was used during a Skype call.  It can figure out exactly where you are in relation to your background, and basically cut you out of the background.  Need to have a Skype meeting, but have a really messy house, or you are sitting in a busy coffee shop?  No problem for Real Sense!

My favorite part about attending Lenovo Tech World was to see how excited, not only the fans were, but also how excited the top executives in tech were about the things they are developing for the future.  These three guys are looking forward to the future, and there is no looking back!

Microsoft CEO, Lenovo CEO, and Intel CEO snapping a selfie!

Now sit back and relax, and take a walk with me through Lenovo’s Innovation Showcase, and pick your favorite piece of new tech!

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