How to improve your family’s communication with Nucleus

improve your family's communication

My house isn’t necessarily large. We have been looking for a device to improve your family’s communication. It is fairly easy to scream loud enough up the stairs for someone to hear you. Although, that is one way to get on my husband’s bad side for sure. I also have kids, whom I leave at home from time to time. My daughter is 12 and my son is 8, so it’s not like they can’t take care of themselves while I run to the grocery store. We no longer have a land line phone, much like the rest of the country. When I’m gone I can usually count on at least ONE phone call from my son.

Here’s the other part of our situation. I work full time from home… and summer is just on the horizon. I am terrified. The constant “s’mom” (my son combines “so” and “mom” so it comes out sounding like “s’mom” like a way less fun version of s’mores) barging into my office. This word constantly interrupts my daily activities. Enter my new best friend, Nucleus.

improve your family's communication

Nucleus helps you improve your family’s communication

Nucleus is a home intercom system, that can do oh so much more than that. The intercom has an interactive screen that is extremely easy to use and can help connect any room in the house. It can also be installed in multiple HOMES and can connect your family room to Grandma’s family room, giving your entire family a great way to keep in touch. For when you are away from home, it can also give you a great way to connect with your kids. From the device, they can connect to your cell phone, or you can use your cell phone to connect to the device.

improve your family's communication

Nucleus is fully integrated with Amazon’s Alexa

Here’s the amazing part though, Nucleus devices are fully integrated with Amazon’s Alexa. Meaning, in any of the rooms you have a Nucleus installed, you can call out for Alexa’s help. So far I’ve ordered some more laundry detergent, played some of my favorite songs, and asked Alexa to tell me my schedule for the day. I even told Alexa to unlock my front door (since I have a Kevo from Kwikset). She has happily complied with all of my requests. I know I have only scratched the surface on the many things she can help me with.

Don’t worry, there are privacy options!

There are privacy options for those concerned with privacy issues for an always-on device like this. There is a slider at the top of the device for you to close off the camera. Most of the time my devices are set to auto connect. When I’m trying to work in my office, though, I will set it to “do not disturb”. This way my kids will know just by checking out the Nucleus device in the kitchen, that I need to get some work done right now.

Once I’m in a better spot (like not on a call, or in the middle of shooting a video), I set my status back to “Instant” and they can know that they can try and get a hold of me again. Prior to Nucleus it was more of a barge in and see if Mom is busy kind of situation. At least they haven’t done it while I was on live tv.

Using the Nucleus devices you can greatly improve your family’s communication! Plus, it’s a great way to get some smart assistant features in your home! Instead of paying for both an Echo AND a home intercom system, you can kill two birds with one stone with a Nucleus. I just wish we had these devices sooner!

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