iLuv Vibro II Alarm Clock

I love iLuv.

Did you know they won 5 Innovation Awards at CES this year? That’s big stuff. And their booth was seriously  hot. Big, open, white walls, and I swear I remember walking on plush white carpet too. And the tech toys! Seriously, iLuv has it goin’ when it comes to accessories my friends.

Here’s one of my favorite products by iLuv. It’s the Vibro II Alarm Clock. This beauty comes in four colors and sports a large LCD display. It’s compatible with your iPod or iPhone, and retails for $79.99.

One of the coolest things about the Vibro is that it has what’s called a “shaker”, which is this adorable little box you put under your pillow. Instead of waking up the entire house with your alarm, the shaker will vibrate and wake up even the heaviest of sleepers. I asked my  teen to give the Vibro a try, since she shares a room with her sibling.  The shaker is a fabulous feature in our household.

After a few nights I asked my daughter what her favorite features were with the Vibro. She said she loves that her iPod charges while she listens to music, she thinks it cool she can adjust the LCD brightness, and we were both impressed with the speaker sound quality.

Another favorite feature is the free iLuv App available through iTunes. With the app you can easily turn your Vibro into an Internet Radio with over 40,000 stations. The app also features an interactive alarm clock, and displays daily weather as well. Seriously such a good idea for an alarm clock!

The Vibro is a very family friendly alarm clock that would be great for older kids and teens, or moms like me who try to wake up quietly before the rest of the household. Not that it stops your kids from sensing you’re awake and getting up anyways. How do kids do that???

The Vibro II Alarm Clock with Shaker is available to purchase via the iLuv website here. You can check out other super cool iLuv products like cases, speakers, and accessories here
Disclaimer: I was not financially compensated for this post. iLuv provided me with the Vibro II Alarm Clock for review purposes. All opinions expressed are my own.

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