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There are a lot of apps out there that claim to help you in a jam or an emergency.  Many of them are very capable of doing just that.  What sets iHelp+ apart from the rest, I feel, is the secret alarm.  In a situation where you have to be compliant with an attacker, you can enable a silent alarm that appears as if you are disabling the alarm.  You enter your PIN in reverse and it looks like you are disabling the app, but it keeps going.  This is why I like iHelp+.

The main feature of iHelp+ is the Alarm.  As soon as you click on the alarm it will count down 5-seconds and then will send a distress message to your emergency contacts with your current location and a request to contact the police for assistance.

Also on the main page is a flashlight app, which is perfect.  If you are walking to your car in a dark parking lot, having the flashlight within the app is such a great feature, because you don’t have to switch to a new app to send a distress signal if you see that you are in danger.

There is another alarm feature that you can set before you go into certain situations, such as “send and alarm if I don’t disable this within 5 minutes” if you know that it takes you 3 minutes to walk to your car, or if you are going for a run.  Whatever the scenario, you can feel safe with super fast, easy access to send for help.

You can upgrade to 24/7 monitoring you can have the piece of mind that someone will always be available to answer your call for help.  When you send out an alarm, who knows if your friends phone is currently out of batteries, or maybe they are in a movie with their phone off, with just a touch of the screen you will be connected to the iHelpPlusApps monitoring service.  The initial purchase of iHelp+ will allow for one month of “self monitoring” service where you will be able to select a family member of friend to act as your primary emergency contact. If you wish to upgrade to full monitoring you will be able to purchase a full monitoring subscription within iHelp+ under the setup / manage subscription option.

This is one of those apps that you never think you need until you NEED it.  Then you are super glad to have it.  It even helps you fill out all that annoying paperwork when you go to the doctor.  You can see most of the information you need to fill out the forms right within the app.

Download iHelp today, and hope that you never really have to use it!


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