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So, BlogHer has come and gone once again.  I am sad.  It goes by so very fast.  There are people complaining that it was TOO big this year, and that it felt different than BlogHer’s past, and I agree to a point.  It’s always going to feel different as it continues to grow.  Growth is good.  I will validate the concern that perhaps we’ve outgrown the Hilton New York.  I still had a great time there, but some parts were just a touch over crowded.

As always my partner in crime Jenn and I had an incredible time.  I also got to dance the night away with my usual posse of Julie, Vikki, Deborah, Faiqa and Jenny.  This year we added even more friends to the mix like Casey, Susan, Laurie Tauni and Monica.

BlogHer is for sure what you make of it.  While I have friends there, and I hang out with this group and that at various times.  During the conference I’m pretty much a lone gunman.  I set my own schedule, and I don’t rely on someone else to go here and there.  It’s fun when I can hang out with friends at various parties, especially friends I haven’t seen for years like Leanne, and meeting people again for the first time.  I come to BlogHer to reconnect with my friends, to learn, and to teach others what I know.  While I do have some suggestions for how to manage the growth, I think the growth is good.

While at the conference I got to tote around my super cute purse from Kaboo (featured in the slideshow above, full video review coming next week!), an HTC EVO 4G LTE (along with the phone I use on a regular basis the HTC Arrive), and the only fashionable thing on my body my Twitter handle/Glasses necklace from Street Bauble.  These were my definitely favorite things! I also got to speak on a panel about HTML with Melanie and Raj to a PACKED house! I also did a Geek Bar session on Windows Phone 7. Due to my speaking engagements I wasn’t able to attend other sessions I would have liked to, but I enjoy sharing my knowledge, and was content in giving back instead of getting. I also got to bond with my fellow geeks like Dresden. I watched friends read their Voices of the Year posts, which are always phenomenal. I got to watch a super fun and emotional movie called the Odd Life of Timothy Green. I ate some fabulous Ice Cream at the Social Luxe Lounge. I connected with some fabulous people at Microsoft, Samsung, Hot Wheels and Sprint. I sat back and thought about how incredibly FANTASTIC my life is! (Not saying that to brag, but just noting that I am really blessed with awesome friends and opportunities)

So, I’m a bit rambly today and I apologize.  Basically what I want to say boils down to stop thinking about what BlogHer “should” be, and think about the potential of what BlogHer COULD be as it grows.  Make it the conference you want to attend by what you choose to do during it, and I promise you, you will have a BLAST!  See you in Chicago!


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