HTC EVO Shift Review

HTC_EVO_Shift_4GHave you met my new phone?  It’s the HTC EVO Shift on Sprint… and I am in LOVE!  Even MORE in love then I was with my previous phone (the Palm Pre).  Seriously, I’m not even kidding how awesome this phone is.  Let me just break down the awesomeness of it for you…

Widgets – I don’t know how I lived before widgets.  It’s like once you get DVR you don’t know how you EVER survived without it.  I love being able to glance at my phone and see exactly where I stand on my task list… or the latest news on TIME’s widget, or the latest news from Engadget.  I don’t have to open any applications, it’s JUST THERE.  If a particular article strikes my fancy, I can click on the widget and it will take me right to the article!  I also have a widget that will tell me my next appointment, one for Evernote, so I can quickly add any notes.  I also have a widget for Tweetdeck so I can click and update Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc all just right there.  I also have a widget that is a shortcut to the contacts I use most frequently.  I most often communicate with my husband via text, so his button goes straight to a new text message to him, but I call my sister (@HealthyKids) So her button calls her house number.  Widgets are truly the main reason I went with Android in the first place.

Apps – Now I KNOW that all the other phones have apps, and they probably do just about the same things that these do, but I’m LOVING them, so I’ll talk about my favs in the next post.  Let me just tell you though…they totally rule.  There is so much I can do with my phone now, that it’s making me immensely more productive.

0104-evo-shift-4g_full_600Hardware Keyboard – This feature is completely essential for me.  I can’t stand typing on a software keyboard.  I don’t know what it is, but I need those keys!

Micro SD – There is a micro SD card slot, so I can expand my phones memory… Super awesome.

Weathertime Fun – OK, that probably isn’t even a word, but I love that when it is snowing outside, and I turn my phone on, the phone snows and the screen kind of crystalizes like it’s covered in ice.  When it’s raining drops appear on the screen and a windshield wiper comes and wipes them away.  Totally not essential, but it’s just fun to watch.

Size – The EVO was just a little too big for my tastes (and no hardware keyboard).  I’m a small person.  I don’t need a phone that will take up half my face.  So, Thanks to the Shift, I can have the best of both worlds… a rockin phone, and the size and hardware features that I need.

So there you have it.  My new phone.  I don’t think I’ll be sick of it in 2 years like I was with my Pre… although, I AM a techy… most tech doesn’t satisfy me longer than a year.  Winking smile

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  • Hi – love reading your blog –
    I’m so so happy that you’ve come over to the Android side! After having the Palm Pre for a year, I got an EVO last July and truly worship it – there are so many apps that I’ve customized my stock phone to be exactly how I want it;o) I got used to the virtual keyboard with Swype, and then someone developed Graffiti for Android (the old and much loved pre-Pre text input method) and I feel like I’m back in that saddle …

    I also remember when you were so excited about the Windows phone, and now there’s an app to make your EVO look just like a W7phone, it’s wonderful – it’s called Launcher7 – there’s a free one to try out and a paid one if you love it –

    I know I’m sounding like a commercial, but I just thought I’d share … I’m not as tech-savvy as you are, but thought you might want to try this out, of course, after you’ve gotten over the initial thrill of all the other Android features.

  • Hey 😀 the new phone sounds cool! I just upgraded from the Motorola Droid to the HTC Thunderbolt on Verizon. I am missing the physical keyboard but really liking the Sense UI. I noticed you mentioned your task list, I’m not sure what service/app you use but I was using remember the milk app for pro accounts, after my pro subscription expired I decided to try gTasks which is ad supported and syncs with Google Tasks, and I actually find it to have a more attractive and easier to use interface than rtm, I highly recommend it.