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As a huge fan of HTC I’ve been keeping my eye out for their latest announcement, and they did not disappoint me today!  I think I’ve told you the story before about how at CES I was in a very small meeting room with some HTC folks and a guy was in there eating his lunch and I find out that he’s the guy in charge of the Sense user interface, and I completely geeked out.  I have loved HTC’s wrapper on Android for a while, and it just keeps getting better.  The HTC One is going to ship with Sense 5 (the latest version of their Android overlay), and it looks like it’s going to blow the current user interface out of the water!

BlinkFeed – The first update to the user experience is what they are calling BlinkFeed.  It’s going to be a constant stream of media snippets for you to read/view/enjoy.  Much like the Flipboard app, but it will be right there as your home screen.  Of course you can add all the great Android customization to your other screens including widgets, but this is a great place to start out when you turn on your phone.  All the latest news and information right there ready for you to check out.

HTC Zoe – While HTC isn’t bragging about it’s super high megapixel camera, it opted to make 4 MP work better in low light situations.  It is also including a new feature in it’s camera called Zoe, which will take 3 second movie clips of whatever you are pointing your camera at.  With the creation of the Vine app, and several other super short video sharing services becoming increasingly popular, this was a great move for HTC.

TV – I’m super excited to check out it’s new TV features.  As a big fan of TV in general, I love that they’ve included this.  The phone can act as a channel browser, and remote control among other things.  The power button on the phone doubles as an IR device, which gives it these capabilities.

There is obviously a lot more to this, and I can’t wait to get my hands on it.  Check out all the features and specs on HTC’s website.  The best news of all??  It’s coming to Sprint!  Also AT&T and T-Mobile!  I love that they are going cross carrier on this.  It makes it WAY more easier for everyone who wants one to get their hands on it.


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