HP Shows Why Ink Refills are Bad

I’ve always been a kind of a brand snob.  Yes Kraft Macaroni is better than store brand, yes Jif Peanut butter is better, and my rear end won’t use anything but Charmin.  So, it may come as no surprise to anyone who knows me, that I will pay the requisite arm and leg for ink from my printer’s manufacturer.  Coincidentally I do use an HP printer, AND HP ink.


I was able to attend a blogger breakfast sponsored by HP while I was at CES, and was happy to find out exactly why you shouldn’t use off brand or ink refills for your printer.

At the beginning the inkologist Thom Brown (where do you get THAT degree anyway?) explained that ink formula is actually a proprietary  recipe.  Much like Ruth’s Chris’ sweet potato casserole (which I have to say is sooooooooooooooooo to DIE for!).  So these off brand manufacturers can probably come CLOSE to the right recipe, it will never taste exactly the same, so to speak.  Here was a great demonstration to explain it!

I really loved getting to see the science behind why name brand stuff is often just better.  Sure they can probably figure out all the ingredients, but the proportions could be off, and they could even be missing that one secret ingredient.  It’s nutmeg, isn’t it?

HP has a great program to help keep you rolling in the ink.  It’s called Instant Ink, and it will send you ink on a set basis so you never run out.  You can save up to 50% on ink.  I haven’t tried it yet, but I’m excited to check it out!  I hate having to run to Costco at the last minute when my kid has a report due the next day!

HP also showed us a REALLY cool app.  The app is called HP Social Media Snapshots.  You connect your various social media accounts to the app, and then you are able to print out anything you have shared!  This is so great for parents these days who are sometimes taking pictures with their phone, their camera, or maybe even their GoPro.  You always share the very best photos, so now you can easily find those again and print them out so you can frame them or do anything else.

Definitely download the free app and check it out!  And stop buying ink refills……mmmmkaaay?



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