How to Turn Off Web Notifications

Are you getting pop-up notifications when certain websites publish a new post? Want to get rid of 'em? I'll tell you how they appeared, and how to stop them!

Thanks to the European Union’s new privacy regulations called GDPR almost all of the websites you visit now request you confirm the website’s use of cookies to store information about your browsing session. I’m sure there are plenty of people who are gratefulĀ for these privacy regulations, but what about my rights to not have a ton of popups every time I visit a website?

In a rush to get to the content, you may start clicking on “accept” and “OK” on these popups without really reading what you are agreeing to. Now you are constantly getting notified when some websites publish a new post, and some of those websites post a LOT. What you may not realize is that many websites are also asking if they can notify you of new content. Have no fear though, it is pretty easy to revoke these notifications.

One easy way to disable the web notifications is to take care of the problem as soon as it pops up. Once you see one of the web notifications appear, click the cog looking icon inside the notification box.

Once you click the notification settings icon you will see all of the sites you have allowed to send notifications under “Allow”. From here, click the three dots next to the website URL you want to remove web notifications from and click “remove” or even “block”.

If you don’t have a recent notification to use, you can still get to the right place to remove the access.

First, in Chrome, click on the 3 dots in the top right corner of the browser, and select Settings.

Scroll down until you see the word “Advanced” and click on that, then scroll down more until you see Content Settings

Once you are in Content Settings, find “Notifications” and then click on that

This will bring you to the same place I explained above where you can find the URL of the website you want to revoke access to and remove or block it from notifying you.

Now you will no longer be bothered by these desktop notifications!

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