How to Train Your Dragon LIVE Spectacular!

My daughter Maddie has always loved animals.  She has an EXTRA special place in her heart for Sea Animals, and Dragons.  As soon as she saw “How to Train Your Dragon” she was in LOVE!

I got an email recently about the How to Train Your Dragon LIVE Spectacular! and was instantly intrigued.  My only hope was that it would be coming to Salt Lake City.  To my surprise it IS coming!  To find out if it’s headed to a city near you, check out their tour schedule.

As soon as I figured out it was coming to Utah, I couldn’t wait for my daughter to come home and tell her about it.  She arrived at the house and then I sat her down at my computer and had her watch the video included with this post.  Then I said… “do you want to go see that?”  Her eyes got super wide and gave me a resounding YES!!  I knew she’d be so excited about it.

It looks like it will be such an amazing experience, and really help her feel like she’s inside the movie, which is a total dream of hers.  Also, for her to be able to see “real live” dragons is going to be the highlight of her year for sure.  The dragons in the show have 40 foot wingspans, and can be as tall as 20 feet!!  They breathe real fire, and come to life on the huge set.  The back wall is the size of 9 movie screens!

If your kid is really into dragons, you may consider some of their VIP packages too.  You can tour the backstage and get up close and personal with the dragons!  Even learn all about how the dragons work in the show.

January can definitely not get here soon enough.  We are really excited to go!  You can be sure that we will be posting all about it!


Disclosure: I was offered 2 tickets to the show in Salt Lake City free of charge, but I guarantee if I wasn’t getting in for free, we would still be going.

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