How to Tech The Halls!

Nothing screams holiday’s like technology, and if you’re behind on your christmas decorations, or feel like they’re a little lacking this season, here are a few ways to integrate technology so you can Tech the Halls.

Dress up your tree this year with a strip of LED color changing lights.

While you may be thinking “I can just buy colored Christmas lights”, these come with a remote that allows you to change the colors at will. Feeling a little extra holiday spirit? Change them to red. Want a little more of a warm glow? Change the lights to white. You can even find lights that’ll change based on music!

Hear the classic Christmas songs with a Bluetooth speaker.

Bluetooth speakers are the perfect way to play sound anywhere in your house. We use Spotify to pull up our favorite holiday playlist, connect it to the speaker, and let the music flow.

Project your Christmas decorations on the outside of your house

Hanging Christmas lights all over your house can get tedious; look into a light projector to display images over the front of your house! You can choose a simple colored light look, or even go for more extravagant ones with images (including snowflakes, Santa’s Sleigh, etc).

Use a smart TV or adapter to display a fire in your house.

We’ve only lived in one house that had a fireplace, and since then have missed the warmth that comes with one. This holiday season, we’ve put our Chromecast to work. You can find hour long videos on youtube that display a roaring fire, making your home nice and cozy without the danger.

Use technology to track Santa.

Alright, this isn’t a decoration but is really cool. Help keep the spirit alive in your house by tracking Santa on his flight across the world. I still love to do this even at my ripe old age of 28. See more about this in our post about tracking Santa. You can also ask your Google Home device where Santa is at any time!

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