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Blogging sure has changed since I first got in the game back in 2006. Facebook was just starting to gain some traction, Twitter had just been created, Pinterest didn’t exist, and Instagram hadn’t even been thought of yet. Search engine optimization was the absolute best way to get people to visit your website. While search engine optimization is still extremely important, a good social sharing strategy is essential for people finding your content. Since most social network sites curate the content your friends and followers see, sharing your content a few different times can allow more people to see it as well.

I just started to use CoSchedule to manage the social sharing of my posts, and I am loving how easy it is to use. They have a WordPress plugin that adds a new section to your post editing screen. Right as you are writing your post, you can schedule out all of the social sharing from that post before you even hit the publish button. They have a great guide for you to use in the resources section of their website….


If you don’t publish your posts right away (like when you spend an entire Saturday writing posts for the week), you can get all the social sharing dialed in, and it will automatically go out when the posts gets published according to your schedule. To add a social share to your CoSchedule calendar from within the post editing screen you would scroll down until you see the CoSchedule section, and then click on the plus button next to the time frame of when you want to post your social share.


In the screen that pops up next you would choose the account you want to post to, and then write your message, or tell it which image you want to embed into your post, and what link you want to use in the social share. Then you would choose a date and time for the social share to go live. It also gives you the option to pick “best time” and CoSchedule will post your share in the time frame during that day that will likely get the most engagement.  I LOVE when programs let me not have to think about stuff!


There is also a calendar view that you can look at from within WordPress or directly on the CoSchedule website.  You can see at a glance when everything is scheduled to go live, and even add items that aren’t post related to the mix.


As I mentioned, I just barely started using CoSchedule, and I won’t just let my words do the talking… I’ll show you a screen shot of the last few weeks of my Google Analytics. You can see for yourself the uptick in traffic! It’s definitely NOT a coincidence.


Speaking of analytics though, CoSchedule also has some really great analytics right within the application.  You can check out your most popular content, or your highest social engagements all in one easy to read spot.


They do offer a completely free to use trial so you can check it out before you decide to move forward. I warn you though, once you start using it, you probably won’t want to stop. I know I didn’t!

Check out this video that explains more about the service…and then sign up using this link!

CoSchedule from Garrett Moon on Vimeo.

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